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Pet Shipping Services

We are experts in hand-holding! We help save you:

  • Time researching the travel details
  • Money by offering the lowest prices available
  • Stress from worrying about your pet
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Military Pet Relocation

Thank you to our military members for your service! We are honored to assist you with:

  • Logistics and details pertaining to your PCS
  • Communication directly with your vet to ensure accuracy and timeliness
  • Discounts on our consultation services
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International Pet Shipping

We remove the intimidation out of:

  • USDA rules and regulations
  • Pet Import/Export documents including vaccines and import permits
  • Language and time barriers with the help of our network of professionals worldwide
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We Ship Your Pets by Air with Care and by Ground Safe and Sound

IPATA Member

Happy Tails Travel is authorized by IPATA to ship pets internationally.

Back to School!

by User Not Found | Jul 16, 2016

Summer is coming to an end, and school is starting back up.  While your furry family members may not be off to dog obedience class every day, their schedules will surely change.  Over the summer your cat or dog most likely got used to having more people at home, more attention, and maybe they even got to join you on some fun summer adventures!  As your kids go back to school and you return to your normal work routine, this can be a big change for your pets. It is important to continue giving them love and attention and there are some other tricks you can use to help them readjust to the new daily norm.

  • Advanced Preparation – You know your schedule is about to change. Instead of having the change happen overnight, slowly ease into the transition. Begin spending less time with your pets, or not taking them out as often as you did during the summer. This is very similar to getting your pet accustomed to their crate before travel; you want to prepare in advance! This will make the change not as drastic and your pets will feel more at ease.
  • Provide Entertainment – Stock up on treats and other toys that will keep your pets entertained. Try a Kong, or similar toy, which encourages your dogs to be active and use their brain power to retrieve the snacks. The more difficult the challenge, the longer the entertainment. Cats like simple cat toys, cat nip or an indoor ‘cat tree’.
  • Swap Family Time with Park Time - While your schedule may be about to change, it is still important to continue giving your canines time outside and exercise. It is recommended to take your dog to doggy day camps or the dog park, instead of having time alone with the family. This will help train your furry family member to be on their own and not rely on you for constant affection.
  • Start Early – Your day may become busier resulting in less time to spend with your pets. Try getting up earlier in the morning to spend quality time with them and making sure your dog gets all the exercise they need. This will allow your four legged family members to have quality time with their family and can also enhance their behavior while you’re away. It’s typically dogs with built-up energy, who do not get out enough, that end up causing mischief while you are at school or work!
  • Give your pet a “place” – Make sure your pet has a spot of their own while you are away. Give them a nice, comfy, bed, lots of toys, and some treats. Spend time teaching them to hang out in their own little slice of heaven while you are away! This will make sure they know they have a safe spot to curl up in, and can also help prevent them from going places they are not supposed to be. A dog travel crate with a big blanket & pad is a place many dogs love to hang out during the daytime or at bedtime.
  • Keep having your pets and kids spend time together – The biggest change for your pets will most likely be that they do not have smaller humans around as much. Make sure your fur babies and human kids still get to spend quality time together. The kids can help with the pets in the morning, such as feeding them and taking them out, or joining in for evening walks. Training sessions together can benefit everyone; your kids will learn more about interacting with pets and proper care, while your pets can learn some good behavior and new tricks. It can be fun for the entire family!

Have more questions? Contact us at www.HappyTailsTravel.com and we’d be glad to provide more tips and tricks!

Happy Tails Alerts

  • Bully Breed Ground Special - Now Extended Through Summer!

    If you have a Bully Breed who needs to travel during the summer, we are offering a discount on our Ground Transport Planning Fee for contracts received until August 31st! This special is valid for the following dog breeds: American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Cane Corso, English Bulldog, and French Bulldog.

    Our Bully Breed Ground Transport Planning fee is $150 (reduced from $250).  In addition to the discounted transport planning fee, you will be responsible for the cost of the transportation itself which is based on mileage and/or timing.

    *Please note our Bully Breed Special is only valid for signed contracts received between May 1st - August 31st, 2019.

Personalized Pet Shipping Services

Based out of Arizona, Happy Tails Travel is an experienced pet relocation company. Happy Tails Travel has been safely shipping pets since 1995. We specialize in summer pet travel, even from the hottest states such as Arizona, Texas, Hawaii and Florida, during the hottest months. 

  • Personal & Friendly Service since 1995
  • Professional Pet Transport & Pet Relocation by Air
  • Professional Pet Transport by Ground Safe & Sound
  • Customized Pet Travel Counseling from Start to Finish
  • Pet Rescue & Pet Delivery Services & Arrangements
  • Domestic & International Pet Transportation Service
  • Door to Door Airport Transportation to/from Major Airports
  • No Surprises! Our Pet Shipping Costs are Clearly Listed
  • We Offer Military Discounts & Multiple Pet Discounts
  • 100% Pet Travel Safety Shipping Animals Since 1995
  • We specialize in European countries such as Italy, Germany, France and the UK
  • In addition, we are also experienced with safe pet travel to Japan, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Bahrain & many more countries!

We Ship your Pets by Air with Care and by Ground Safe and Sound

Bridget’s Co-Pilots

At Happy Tails Travel, we ship your pets by air with care to just about anywhere (domestic and international pet relocation assistance is offered), and our prices are fair. We will customize and assist with all of the details and logistics of your pet move whether it is local, national, or international pet travel. Our goal is a hassle-free, safe journey for your pet, and peace of mind for you. We make moving pets a breeze!

We are advocates for all pets moving. This includes pets who are now restricted from air travel due to airline changes in pet policy. We offer private transport from current home to new home. This is especially helpful for Giant breed, Snub nosed, and "Dangerous" breed dogs. It also benefits people who want an alternative to Airline Travel for their pet. Read more about our pet ground travel services.

Please fill out the Pet Travel Services Form to provide us with all the necessary information to meet your individual pet relocation and pet shipping needs. We can prepare 'Known Shipper' documentation and expedite the shipping of your pet through the entire pet move process. As a certified USDA Intermediate Handler, we comply with the Animal Welfare Act and applicable federal and airline pet move regulations.

With the information from your no cost/no obligation Pet Travel Services Form we can address your entire pet shipping, pet relocation, or pet transport needs. Let us help you safely ship your cat, dog, puppy, or kitten!

Loyal Customers – Many of our clients come back to use us for their next pet move, and refer friends and family to us. Our professional, friendly & customized pet services are some of the reasons we have people utilize our pet relocation planning again & again!

Military PCS

We support our troops! We understand often times PCS moves can be sudden and into unfamiliar destinations.  We are here to assist you in making sure your furry family members are able to accompany you on the next exciting chapter of your life. For more information on our pet family move services please visit our Pricing & Policy Page.

Tax Benefit for US Citizen Pet Owners:

IRS Publication # 521 ("Moving Expenses") states that pet moving is a tax-deductible relocation expense when your relocation and moving is for purposes of change of employment. Consult your tax advisor for further information.

Download the IRS form as a PDF: IRS Publication # 521

Pet Scam Alerts

Before adopting a pet, read our "Tips To Avoid Pet Adoption Scams" blog post and our FAQ page.

Also see our Pet Adoption Scam video.


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