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    We love helping pets have a smooth move and want to help you too!

    At this time, generic e-mail inquiries and replies to Pet Travel Form submissions are taking about 3 business days from the time they are received. Priority goes to existing clients and those traveling the soonest.

    Due to our existing clients and transport schedule, at this time we are booking ground transports at least 30 days out from the date a signed contract is received, and we require at least 15 business days to accommodate domestic air travel, from the date a signed contract is received. 

    We regret to inform you that all international services are currently suspended.

    Air options remain limited as airlines work on resuming services as usual. Air travel becomes more difficult for pets to fly as temperatures must be below 80° Fahrenheit at all cities on a pet’s itinerary and many places in the country are already experiencing warmer temperatures.

    If you are interested in working with us, the quickest way to receive a response is to fill out our Pet Travel Form.  It will provide us with the additional details we need to see how we can best assist you.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to working with you!


Popeye is really enjoying himself. He just looks very happy and comfortable being an island dog. The first day he was here we went to the beach and if he could talk I would bet he way saying “THIS PLACE IS SO COOL! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME HERE!!!” You helped make his trip very stress free and easy. I really appreciated the constant updates, immediately responses and hard work on your end. I felt confident the trip was going to be easy from day one having you on the case. Thank you so much for everything. You and your team really do a great job for people and pets that need help. 

-Anthony and Popeye
Sarasota, FL to Kailua, HI


Happy Tails did an excellent job transporting my high anxiety dog from California to Oregon as part of our family move.  Every detail was meticulously seen to, and the driver, Mia, went above and beyond to ensure that Little Joe was safe, happy and loved throughout the journey.  She was delayed due to weather, but communicated frequently and sent pictures to set my mind at ease that he was safe and comfortable and well cared for.  I highly recommend this service as a way to get your pet to its new home.

Betsey S. & Joe
Oakland, CA - Portland, OR

Hodges 2 (2)Hodges 1 (2)

The kitties are happy in their new private room and get lots of lovin’ from all of us, especially our little grandkids. Here is a pic of Smokey Lonesome and one of beautiful Bianca- she’s winking and trying to tell you she had a fabulous trip from KY to NH! Oliver was bring camera shy.  Thank you so much for the great service you provided. It was a huge relief to have the cats taken care of so well. We certainly will use your services again if needed, and of course will recommend Happy Tails!

Thanks again,
Karen H.
Lexington, Kentucky - Bradford, New Hampshire

Bohemian Rhapsody  Jumping Jack Flash (3)

Hi Bridget, thank you for the incredible amount of work you and your staff have done towards making the shipping of the two pups to Europe a reality. Now they are gaining weight and enjoying their new home. I have heard from Linda who says how thoroughly pleased she is with the soundness, temperament and quality of the two pups.Thank you again for seeing this through from initial contact to a satisfactory ending for all.

Phyllis Lockwood, Willowrun Great Danes
Clarendon NC to Frankfurt Germany

Kaya (2)

Happy Tails Travel was such a huge peace of mind for me during this pretty stressful move. Kaya arrived in Glasgow with no problems, and was so happy to be reunited with us. They answered dozens of questions to ease my anxious mind and made this process so much easier on me.I can't thank you enough! 

We are settling in nicely, and Kaya LOVES her new home and exploring all the beautiful scenery every day! 

Thanks again for all your help,

Mystie and Kaya
Houston, Texas - Aberdeen, Scotland 


Circe is settling in well in our new home thanks to Happy Tails Travel, Inc. They handled everything and guided me every step of the way. It was a very seamless and stress-free process. I was especially concerned because she's 19-years-old and was traveling from Chicago to Seattle, but Happy Tails got her to me safely.

Thank you so much Happy Tails Travel & Kim!

Kenyatta B.
Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA

My family and I were moving to LA and so we needed to fly our labradoodle, Emma. We were moving from Miami and with all the temperature restrictions for flying pets in hot temperatures, we knew that it would be tricky. The folks at Happy Tails were great! They booked Emma on a flight and kept us updated on the temperatures. At the last minute, the temperature soared past 85 degrees and the airport folks wouldn't let Emma on the flight. There were no other flights out in the next 24 hours and my family and I were scheduled on our own flights early the next morning. We were freaking out! Kim, at Happy Trails organized for Emma to be picked up in Miami and driven to Orlando, where she found a flight leaving very early in the morning for LA. She saved us a ton of aggravation! And now Emma is a California dog;) Thanks, Happy Tails!

Diane M. & Emma
Miami, FL - Los Angeles, CA

Moose (2)

Our return was a breeze and we settled back into our home life quickly. Pamela was a huge help and made our departure and return so pleasant - thank you again for recommending her to us! The whole process with Happy Tails Travel was so easy on my end and made our travels stress-free. Both times I picked up Moose from the flights he was safe and sound with his tail wagging. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that he was safe and happy throughout our travels. It means the world. 

Thank you so much for everything you did to help us, we are so appreciative. We will not hesitate to use you guys again for any future travels!

Gabi M. & Moose
Round-trip from Seattle, Washington to Newark, NJ

Military Testimonials

  • Kiowa and Lola  - size

    Thank you again for all helping us get our little family all together in Hawaii! We will for sure reach out again after this little adventure is over. 

    Katie H.,Kiowa & Lola
    Los Angeles, CA - Honolulu, HI

  • Kai and Laila - size

    Kai and Laila are doing great and enjoying the snow! Thank you for everything!

    Katelyn E.,Kai and Laila
    Honolulu, HI to Phoenix, AZ

  • Puka at home - sized

    I could not have been happier with the tremendous customer support and follow up I received from using Happy Tails to assist me in moving my dog Puka. The process was very straightforward and when it came time to get her shipped off it was a breeze with all of the paperwork included in the packet. Every question I had was responded to within 1-2 hours over email during business hours, and if I needed an answer right away I knew I could just make a call. Happy Tails was able to take care of my dog so I could focus on transferring to my next command during extremely stressful Covid times. Thank you Happy Tails you guys rock!

    Andrew F. & Puka
    Honolulu, HI - Mesa, AZ

  • Kona - small

    My family and I were moving from Illinois to Hawaii due to military PCS. As usual, military PCS is always one of the most stressful part of being in the active military, requiring a lot of my attention and coordination with multiple agencies and at the same time I was still working at my previous unit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to plan and coordinate our pet’s (Kona) travel. Thankfully we found Happy Trail Travel, specifically Kim, who helped us with our personal planned travel for Kona. Hawaii has a lot of requirement for pet travel which can be really stressful for anyone but Kim did all the work and research for us which took off a ton of weight over our shoulder. During Kona’s travel from Chicago to Seattle (for his flight to Hawaii) via ground transportation, we were worried about him having a separation anxiety. But thankfully, Kona had a great driver (Matthew). Matthew took care of Kona as if he was his own pet. He took Kona to National Parks along the way which distracted Kona from being separated from us. He sent us a lot of pictures at the park and I can tell Kona was having a great trip. As planned, upon our arrival, Kona arrived just less than an hour after my family and I arrived in Hawaii. We picked up Kona from the airport with no issue. Kona is reunited with us and enjoying the Hawaiian life.

    I am very satisfied with the service and I have no regrets. And yes, I am planning to use Happy Trail Travel again for my next PCS move back to the mainland or other overseas assignment in the future.

    Kim, thanks again for everything!

    Gregorio Family
    Joliet, IL - Honolulu, HI

  • KAUKINI - SJ & Spartacus (SMF-ITO)

    The kitties have adjusted great to their new home in Hawaii. Apparently, they took a liking to another family member & forget about myself & the children. Lol.

    SJ, Spartacus, myself, & my little kids are all very appreciative of the help this business provided us for a smooth transition into our new lives. 

    Thank you again!
    Charnele K.
    Travis AFB, CA - Hilo, HI

  • Popeye

    Popeye is really enjoying himself. He just looks very happy and comfortable being an island dog. The first day he was here we went to the beach and if he could talk I would bet he way saying “THIS PLACE IS SO COOL! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME HERE!!!” You helped make his trip very stress free and easy. I really appreciated the constant updates, immediately responses and hard work on your end. I felt confident the trip was going to be easy from day one having you on the case. Thank you so much for everything. You and your team really do a great job for people and pets that need help. 

    -Anthony and Popeye
    Sarasota, FL to Kailua, HI

  • Blue the Dog - Military Pet transportation services from California, USA to Brandon Suffolk UK Blue the Dog - Overseas Pet travel services from California, USA to Brandon Suffolk UK

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your help getting Blue to the UK. Everything went perfectly from his paperwork to his drop off to the pick-up.

    He was a very happy boy when we picked him up and his customs clearance process was very smooth.

    Erin Sturgell & Blue
    Rosamond CA to Brandon Suffolk UK

  • We've been home for a month and everyone is settling in nicely! Attached is a picture of Briny enjoying her new home. Thanks again for all your help!
    Warm regards,

    Clayton Saunders from Rome, Italy to Dulles, VA

  • Obi - dog shipped from Smithfield, VA to Venice, Italy

    After a few days Obi is still doing great! He is eating normal, sleeping as expected, and being his general frisky self. I've attached a picture of Obi and the kids for your enjoyment. We are grateful for your help in getting him here in such good health. He was well taken care of. Thanks!


    Ike Williams
    Smithfield, VA to Venice, Italy

  • Devan (2)

    We’re both loving it here!

    I am so very pleased with everything and the service y’all provided. This picture is as soon as him and John left the quarantine station! He was a very happy boy!! 

    Jordan R. & Devan
    Gambrills, MD - Pearl City, HI

  • Lucky & Mittens 2

    Thank You for following up. My babies seem to be doing great in their humble abode.I highly recommend your company to anyone shipping pets!Thank You again,
    Erica T., Lucky & Mittens
    Wahiawa, HI - Marquette, MI

  • cats jinx and hope

    Just wanted to thank you again for all your help in getting Hope and Jinx from Alaska to Florida. They arrived at the kennel with no problems. Despite staying at the kennel for 6 weeks, they knew us right away and were happy to see us.

    We are now pretty much settled in our new home and they have adjusted wonderfully. They even get along with the dogs better! Thanks again for all your help; it was a great relief off my shoulders.

    Donna & Patrick D.
    Anchorage AK to Elgin AFB, FL

  • Hallie and Lucy - Hawaii to Italy

    Bridget,Thank you so much for helping Hallie and Lucy get halfway around the world! Bridget helped me move my two dogs from Hawaii to Italy ahead of my family's move. She arranged everything from the point when I dropped them off at the airport until they were delivered to the kennel in Naples. I knew all along exactly what I was paying for, what was required from us and our vet, and knew that all the transitions (layover in Newark, customs in Rome, drive to Naples, delivery to kennel) would be easy for both my dogs and I. She arranged for an agent in Rome to help with customs clearance, who updated us on their day of arrival on their customs progress and transit to the final destination in Naples, even providing pictures once the dogs had arrived at the kennel and were released into the yard to stretch and play. Check-in with the airline was quick and easy because their account had pre-paid for the dogs' cargo fare, and we were in compliance with airline requirements (many others checking in their dogs were not). The dogs are happy and healthy to start off their new life in Italy, and the process was relatively worry-free given the complexity of the move, especially once I had checked the dogs in with the airline.

    David Banschbach - Honolulu, HI to Naples, Italy

  • Annabelle (Seely) SEA to SYR

    We drove our American Staffordshire Terrier "Annabelle" to SeaTac airport on Wednesday morning so she could begin her long journey from Whidbey Island, Wa to Syracuse NY. Her boy Marcel was on the other end waiting to welcome her in to his life full time. Now that Marcel has graduated college and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan with his 10th MT Division company, he is able to give her the full-time home and lifestyle he always dreamed he could.Our thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the caring and professional staff at Happy Tails Travel. From the time we first spoke to them to when Annabelle arrived safely, they were fantastic to work with, and even gave us a great Military discount! Every detail was carefully planned and executed, with confirming phone calls and detailed mailed packets, so we knew exactly what to expect when we dropped her off. That was good because we were all so emotional, it was hard to even complete a thought, let alone manage the paperwork and process at the airline counter! Even the agent assisting us thanked us for "being so organized".

    Thank you so much for helping us to transport our "dangerous" (hehe) staff. She gave all the Delta employees vicious happy tail whacks and slobbery kisses before we loaded her up.

    Here is a picture of Annabelle just moments before her trip.

    -Tisa Seely, Seattle, WA to Syracuse, NY

  • Thank you Shay for getting our fur babies Hank and Max from Oregon to Germany
    safely and happily! They arrived happier and better than I could have ever imagined. All the paperwork was completed perfectly and made it so seamless for my husband and I. This being our first PCS, we were not sure what to expect with getting our boys overseas. Happy Tails Travel made it stress-free for us and all we needed to do was look forward to seeing our boys again. Thank you so much!

    Jessica S.
    Portland, OR - Germany

  • Happy Tails was a life saver for us. My husband and I were PCSing to Hawaii and I was a nervous wreck about getting our Bernese Mountain Dog, Brutus, over there. Since Hawaii is a rabies free island, there were a lot of steps we had to do (way in advance) in order to pick him up from the airport directly and avoid quarantine. Melissa was so friendly and on the ball with every little detail. She helped ease my mind during the whole process and was proactive with the whole process. She found the most direct flight and kept me updated on our options. My parents had to drop off Brutus at an airport in D.C., as we arrived to the island a few days in advance. Melissa and Bridget kept my parents in the loop on everything they would need to do and present so the drop-off transition went smoothly. The day of his travel, Bridget kept us updated on his flight status, which again helped my mental sanity. He arrived on time and we were able to take him home directly from the airport! I can't thank everyone at Happy Tails enough for their services. They are true professionals and we will definitely use their services again in the future!

    Kerry M. & Brutus
    Philadelphia, PA - Honolulu, HI

  • Thank you Bridget for bringing my nephew Cole from ATL to SEA! The experience working with you was amazing! Cole is adjusting well and has not skipped a beat since the transfer! I will recommend your company to anyone I know for future travels! Thanks again. 

    Daniel K.
    Atlanta, GA to Seattle, Washington

  • Ernie

    Happy Tails helped get my 23 year old Quaker parrot Ernie from Virginia to California safely on short notice (due to military orders.)  All instructions were clear and all necessary documents were provided for a seamless flight. He arrived happy! I have already recommend this company to my military friends.

    Amethyst Z.
    Virginia to California

  • Krypto made it in safe and sound early this morning and was very happy to be home. I whole heartedly appreciate everything you guys have done to get him to our new home. Thank You!

    Dominique W.
    Leonardtown, Maryland - Rota, Spain

  • Maya

    Big thanks to Shay and Happy Tails Travel for getting my girl Maya to me in England safely! The process was practically painless with Shay's help (besides the emotional part where I left her to go on her flight). Little did I know how much paperwork and requirements were necessary to get Maya over here and with moving myself over as well I would have been completely overwhelmed without their service! Completely recommend for anyone feeling nervous about flying their pets or moving their whole life somewhere, they're there to answer any and all questions you have while making sure you've got everything ready to go for the flight.

    Lisa C. & Maya
    SFO – LHR

  • Nessie

    I had to move my dog from Michigan to Hawaii and I couldn't be in Michigan to send her off. Melissa was super helpful and made sure we had all the correct paperwork. They charged way less than I was expecting and less than all the other companies I spoke to. I had my mom take her to the airport which was fine, because Melissa called and walked her through every single step. She was super helpful and was there through every step. If you are looking to relocate I 100% recommend these guys. They even have a military discount!

    Sheryl O & Nessie
    Brighton, MI - Wahialua, HI

  • Thank you for following up with us. Princess is adjusting and exploring the house. She was fine after the flight and relaxed on the drive back to Biloxi. Thank you for everything. Here she is with Mason. They are so happy to be back together!

    Amanda & James H.
    Glendale, AZ - Biloxi, MS

  • Ernie

    Happy Tails Travel  helped get my 23 year old Quaker parrot,  Ernie, from VA to CA safely on short notice (due to problems with military orders.)  All instructions were clear and all necessary documents were provided for a seamless flight

    Amy Zimmerman - Norfolk, VA to San Diego, CA

  • Swagger 1 Swagger 2

    Swagger made it safely home without any complications and is adjusting well! Thank you again for your help transporting my little boy back home.

    Helene & Heidi Ladd
    San Francisco, CA to New Orleans, LA

  • Slate

    Hi Shay,

    I want to thank you for all the work you've put in to get my Slate back to me. When all other options have failed

    you and your team rose to the occasion, and this has been the most painless process ever.

    Everything was organized, and it was step by step. You were always available for any questions and concerns I may have had, and I can't thank you enough. Slate feels right at home and went straight to his toys, it's as if he never left.

    I will be recommending you and your company to my military brothers and sisters. Thank you again!

    San Antonio, TX to Anchorage, AK

  • Rigley


    I just wanted to thank Happy Tails Travel for their work transporting Rigley across the country. From the initial phone call with Bridget, I knew he would be in good hands. As a military family with 10 moves under our belt, it’s always a stressful time for us humans and Rigley certainly feels that stress. Coupled with a drive of over 3,000 miles, it’s an awful lot for our loyal family member. Bridget listened to my concerns and suggested transporting him before the movers even come so that he would be settled in and relaxed while we were packing boxes. She worked with the airlines to find non-strop flights for him and had everything set so that all we had to do was bring him to the proper terminal and hand him over. There was not one detail overlooked, from the size of the crate he needed to the amount of water to provide and everything in between. Two days prior to his flight, she called and walked me through the entire procedure and sent copies of everything to our neighbor on the receiving end, who would be picking him up. Additionally, she tracked his progress and sent me e-mails updating me...what a relief that was! Though I hope this was our last move, I would not hesitate to use Happy Tails again. Thank you Bridget and your team!!!

    Rebekah Spotts
    Alameda, CA to Croydon, NH

  • Sir made it here safe and sound and now he's trying to claim everything for himself. Soon he will be roaming the wilderness with me and the buffalos! Thanks for all your help!


    Matt Forst
    Greenwich CT to Lawton OK

  • Brendan took a great picture of Heyzeus and Nikita on their first morning in Baltimore, enjoying a view of the birds. We have been so pleased with the service of Happy Tails. Moving can be such a stressful process for people and pets, and it was great to have guidance and support from people who understood that and knew how to make it easier. It was incredibly appreciated. Thanks again!

    Brendan Rogak
     San Francisco, CA to Baltimore, Maryland

  • I want to thank Bridget at Happy Tails Travel for making Moose's move seamless. I always worry about the care of my animals, and Bridget assured me that their business associates both in the states and in Germany were well equipped to take care of our 150lb baby. We were able to focus on our travel plans while Moose was in good hands. We will definitely be using Happy Tails travel again when we move back to the states.

    Kala & Matt Jewett-
    Silver Spring, MD to Germany

  • Daisy arrived safely in Hawaii! She is here safe and sound and enjoying it very much, especially the ocean. Thank you for booking her travel and for sending us the packet of information.

    Layne Braden
    Austin TX to Honolulu Hawaii

  • The pets have been picked up and have made it to the UK with no issues. It is good to know they were receiving great attention.

    Thank you for all your help!

    Nicole Prichard
    Virginia to London

  • aspen1


    I want to thank you for everything you have done to help get Aspen to Italy. It was my first time ever flying a pet anywhere, and I had no idea where to start. From the first phone call you made me feel more secure in the whole process.You always made sure I had options so we could best fit our situation. You made everything easier, and I will definitely recommend happy tails to other people! 

    Thank you again,

    Alex, Amanda, & Aspen.
    Oregon to Italy

  • When we found out we were being reassigned to Japan, my biggest immediate worry was the dog! I had heard that taking a dog to Japan was one of the most complex import procedures in existence. Yes, it did turn out to be quite the rigmarole.Luckily I found Happy Tails Travel, whose staff helped guide us through what could have been an overwhelming process. While I had a general idea of what to do, I know I would have missed key steps of the process--there are a lot of forms!--without Bridget and Shay double- and triple-checking everything every step of the way. Our border collie Zelda arrived safely in Narita and navigated all the intimidating customs procedures without a hitch. I'd definitely recommend Happy Tails.

    Wendy Roberts
    Denver, CO to Tokyo, Japan

  • Remington

    Ms. Shay,

    Thank for sending me the invoice and thank you for all of your hard work. I am very impressed with how smoothly everything went.I would definitely suggest your company to other people. Have a great day.

    William and Ana
    Spain to Chicago, IL

  • Hoover Testimonial

    Happy Tails Travel was there through every step of the way. They really put our minds at ease through this challenging, stressful, and hectic time. I would highly recommend them, we plan on using them again in the future for all our pet traveling needs.”

    Mark Hoover
    Denver,CO to Guam

  • Shipped cat from Atlanta to United Kingdom 

    Hi Bridget!
    Orlando and Cora made it through customs in about two hours. Everything went smoothly. They are home with my husband now checking out the new house. Thank you so much for everything, my cats are my family and you guys made this move so much easier and little stress. I will be contacting you again in a few years when we move to our next base! Thank you!!!!

    Desire Simpkins
    Atlanta, GA to the United Kingdom

  • Bo Roman dog - Pet travel services from Cleveland, Oh to London, England

    Thank you very much for your assistance with Bo's travel arrangements from Ohio to England! Initially we were both hesitant on sending Bo overseas considering he had a slight case of separation anxiety, but talking with you gave us the reassurance we needed.

    Being that Bo was also staying with my parents temporarily, you still kept both parties informed and guided us through all the appropriate steps needed. There were so many questions and concerns we had regarding his travel, and Happy Tails promptly and thoroughly answered every one of them. We definitely could not have imagined or even thought of attempting this ourselves. With your help, Bo arrived safely and in high spirits. He is settling very well in his new home and even enjoys the snow. Once again, thank you for the safe arrival of our "black ninja". We will definitely recommend Happy Tails to anyone needing pet transport."

    Israel and Felicia Roman
    Cleveland, OH to London, England

  • I want to thank everyone involved in the transportation of my dog Hoover. The pickup was right on time. Excellent arrangements were made. I received  regular updates during his trip. I will definitely use Happy Trails Travel again. Thanks you so much for making it a wonderful experience for me and for Hoover.

    I rated Happy Tails 5 paws out of 5 paws! 

    Darlene Colon & J.E. Hoover
    Buffalo, NY to Wichita, KS

  • Hello Bridget,

    Just wanted to let you know Kayla and Mister are in our new home, safe and sound. They are both tired but very happy to be home. You have an amazing service for the dogs and a great network.

    Everyone was friendly and accommodating. Thank you again for making this a pleasant smooth process.

    Chris & Maria Tolley USAF
    Dulles VA to London Heathrow, UK


  • “Alice Ann has arrived here safe and is a very happy girl! Thank you so much for your help!” 

    Amanda, Robert, and Alice Ann McCraw
    Washington Dulles to London Heathrow

  • "Thank you so much for everything Bridget! Chance made it here safe and sound and my husband and son have him now. Here is Chance's first picture after arriving to Florida, finally back "home" with our family. We are so grateful to you and Happy Tails Travel for all of your assistance getting him to us. After all of the speed bumps and having to leave him behind during our PCS travel, we were amazed at how smoothly things went with your help. We are forever grateful for everything, and are so happy that he is finally back home with us where he belongs."

    Stephen & Nohealani Pakola
    Wahiawa HI to Milton FL

  • Pepper the Cat - Military Pet Relocation Services

    I can, without hesitation, recommend Happy Tails Travel to anyone interested in safely transporting their beloved pet. And here is why:

    My daughter, Kerrie, a United States Naval Officer stationed in San Diego called me (at my home in Maryland) four days before her ship was to leave on a major deployment to the Middle East. Her husband was suffering a major medical issue and was not going to be able to stay in San Diego for his recovery and would not be able to care for Kerrie's beloved cat, Pepper. Any military person knows the incredible amount of angst that a major deployment instills. When you add a major medical crisis for a spouse, it could become emotionally overwhelming.

    Kerrie asked if we would take Pepper and of course we said yes, then she asked if we would help her get Pepper from San Diego to Maryland. All with only four days before her ship was to depart. I immediately went on line checking with the airlines on pet transport. Just trying to figure out the process was daunting and untenable. Luckily I kept searching and came across the Happy Tails Travel website. The information was helpful so I decided to fill out their contact form. I also took the advice on the website and called them immediately after the form was submitted. Mind you, this is Thursday evening, and Kerrie's ship was leaving the next Monday.

    A nice young lady, Jenna, answered the phone and I explained the situation. She retrieved the contact form, explained the process, answered some of my questions and, by the time we hung up I had the strong feeling that I was dealing with a professional operation, with a staff that knew their jobs and most importantly they cared about the safe transport of our daughter's pet.

    Within minutes I received their contract. Early the next morning I printed it out, signed it and faxed it back to Jenna. She began the process within minutes. She called my daughter, she called me, she emailed me and my daughter. I also received a call from Bridget, Happy Tail's President, to make sure everything was proceeding to my satisfaction. By 5 pm. Friday Jenna sent us Pepper's flight information which was scheduled for the next day as well as everything else we needed to get Pepper on the flight and to pick her up.

    At 9 am P.S.T., Pepper was safely on board a Continental Airline flight from San Diego to Washington National. We picked her up at 8 pm E.S.T. and by 10 pm we had her home to join my wife, me and our two cats, Puma and Fritz, to patiently and proudly wait for Kerrie's return from her tour of duty.

    So, as I wrote earlier, I can, without hesitation, recommend Happy Tails Travel to anyone interested in safely transporting their beloved pet. Thank you Jenna, and thank you Happy Trails.

    Joe DiMarino
    San Diego, CA to Myersville, MD

  • PCS? No Problem Let us Handle your Pet Relocation?

    Thank you so very much for all of your hard work getting Sammi safe and sound from Bossier City, LA to Houston, TX and finally to Pittsburgh, PA! You made things very easy and less stressful for me, Marie and Shanee, especially since I was stationed in Korea, Marie is in PA and Shanee was in LA at the time! I couldn't believe when you actually called me in Korea!!! That proved how much you and your company sincerely care about the animals and people you help on a daily basis.

    We will continue to tell everyone about Happy Tails Travel! Sammi is happier than ever and loving all the attention and affection she gets every day. Keep up the great work you and your folks do!

    SSgt Michelle M., USAF
    Marie & Bob B. & Sammi Bandit
    Bossier City, LA to Pittsburgh, PA

  • apollo the dog

    Our son Jeff is in the Air Force and stationed in Dover, Delaware. He has an 11 month old Great Dane named Apollo. He is preparing for another deployment and we needed to get the dog. Due to some unforeseen details the date for getting Apollo was pushed up to "immediately". I sent an e-mail to Bridget and in less than a week we had Apollo with us here in Tucson.

    Because of the dog's size Bridget really worked hard to get a crate extension so that he would fit and be comfortable. He came through just fine, was very happy and playful when he got off the plane and we were just delighted. We can't thank Bridget and her wonderful group of transporters enough for taking such good care of Apollo. We had never done this before and it was a great experience for all of us. I would use and recommend Happy Tails to anyone considering moving their pets. I attached a photo of him with his new Happy Tails Travel bandanna . Thanks so much for everything !

    Diane H.
    Dover, DE to Tucson, AZ

  • jake the dog

    Hi again Bridget, Jake is doing really well. He has his appetite back and loves running around in fields near our house! Thank you so much for all of your help... we really couldn't have done all of this without you!

    Jen T.
    Tucson, AZ to Stamford, U.K.

  • aries the dog

    Thank you for all your help with Aries' travel plans and arrangements. Aries arrived safe and sound in Hawaii yesterday, and I had him in my truck within an hour of his plane arriving.

    I appreciate your help so much, and will defiantly be calling your company next time the Navy decides to move us.

    Angelica and Aries
    Modesto, CA to Ewa Beach, HI

  • I want to personally thank you and Happy Tails Travel, for supporting our Wounded Hero, Gunnery Sergeant Eden Pearl and his family. It is not often to find a person so compassionate and generous. The successful delivery of their two family pets, Zoe and Sable, reunited their family and gave them one less thing to worry about during this time of adjustment in the lives.

    You should take comfort in knowing that your generosity provided a service that was unparalleled, and the therapeutic value to the family was priceless.

    Again, thank you and God Bless.

    Very Respectfully,
    Paul E. LeFebvre
    MajGen, USMC

  • betsey the cat

    Thank you, Happy Tails, for the wonderful service you had provided Betsey and me. Her move was made so much easier with the detailed pre- and post-flight checklist Bridget provided me. Because it was a military PCS move, Betsey had to be sent to Boston while I prepared for my move. It was a huge load off my mind knowing that my precious Betsey was in the caring hands of Happy Tails.

    Especially since it was a long flight from Honolulu to Boston, Bridget ensured that Betsey had the most direct flight to Boston and she arrived after a thirteen-hour flight with a brief layover in Newark. She arrived safe and sound and more importantly, calm and stress-free. And now, Betsey is happily adjusting to life in Boston and enjoys watching the wonderful New England snow storms from her warm window sill perch. I couldn't ask for a better pet relocation service!"

    Jon G.
    Honolulu, HI to Cambridge, MA

  • JoJo the dog - Pet travel services for military PCS

    Danke schön! This was our first time sending Jojo on a flight and everyone at Happy Tails made his international travel arrangements a breeze. Without your help we would have been lost and all the personalized attention made our transition to Germany less worrisome. You can be sure we will recommend you to other fur-baby parents.

    PS - Here is a pic of Jojo with the Happy Tails bandana. He loves it and wears it whenever he is out in town.

    Be well,
    Jojo and his parents, Ken & Tessalina
    USA to Mannheim, Germany

  • Little Giant the Dog - Pet Shipping for Military Deployments

    I would like to say a grateful thank you to Bridget at Happy Tails for making all necessary arrangements for my little giant I left behind in Hawaii while I was deployed. She coordinated with friends in Honolulu, HI where he departed, and my family in NC for his safe arrival to Raleigh municipal airport. I was far far away and was still excited about his travels which I know sounds crazy but it is true! She provided a great service for my pet, I truly appreciate all that she did to make this happen.

    Mark S.
    Stationed in Iraq
    HNL to RDU

  • Malibu the dog - PCS Military Deployment Pet Relocation

    Hello Bridget,
    Thank you for all your help getting Malibu to me. It was stressful enough moving up to Alaska from the east coast and hearing that the airlines might not accept her was heartbreaking. So, I wasn't going to let that stop me from having my dog. You helped ensure me that she was safe and on her way, and I thank you for that. You always kept me updated on everything. Thank you! I am very happy and pleased with the kind customer service that was given to me. Thank you again!

    Audrey Alvarez
    Easton MD to Kodiak AK

  • Sophie - Pet Relocation for the untied States military

    For what can be a tedious and complicated process of moving your dog to Japan, Jenna and Happy Tails Travel made it effortless. All importation requirements were met and there was no delay at Narita with the Animal Quarantine Service. On the travel day Sophie was well taken care of through the entire journey from Chicago to Tokyo.

    She was well hydrated and energetic. Serving in the Navy I relocate on a consistent basis and without question will use Happy Tail Travel again for my international needs.

    STGCS(SW) Tom Leistikow, USN
    San Diego, CA to Chicago, IL
    Chicago, IL to Yokosuka, Japan

  • Powers Cat - Military Pet Shipping Spunkles Dog - PCS pet Relocation

    Dear Bridget,
    Words cannot express how deeply thrilled, happy, and thankful I am that you have helped my Cat Powers and Spunkles with their long trip from Florida to New York. I am a sick and disabled Iraq vet and have a very difficult time now to do things on my own. And I just want to say your services helped me immensely to be able to get to a hospital (with my pets) in a such short
    period of time with absolutely no stress or mess and most of all not the slightest feeling of anxiety.
    Thank you again and I would love and be proud to use your services anytime. Thank you so much again! You were truly a life saver!

    James Castaldo, Michelle Lannan
    Cape Corral, FL to Long Island, NY

  • Ashelley Kitty - Military Pet Relocation

    Aloha Bridget (Happy Tails Travel),
    Thank you so much for your assistance with Kitty McFee's travel arrangements from Hawaii to Texas! Prior to miraculously stumbling across your website, the process was beginning to be an anxiety and emotionally filled one.

    PCSing can be stressful all on its own, but add pet travel to it and you can lose your mind if you are not experienced. However, during our initial phone conversation, you instantly reassured us (first-time pet travelers) that everything would be just fine and that there was no need to worry.

    As first time pet travelers, you made everything "idiot" proof and instructions were made clear. From the coordination piece to her arrival, all were effortless because of those precise instructions! I couldn't have imagined any of this process going as smoothly as it did without your assistance and expertise!
    Kitty arrived safe and sound in Texas, alert and playful. She is patiently awaiting our arrival as well! Your time, dedication and passion was truly a breath of fresh air! I would definitely recommend your services to others, without a doubt!

    Thanks again and continued Blessings to you and Happy Tails,

    The McKenzie Family
    Honolulu, HI to Austin, TX

  • Chub Chub the cat - Military Pet Travel Services Magrela the cat - Military Pet Relocation

    After my own initial stress following notification of a quickly approaching army deployment to Iraq, my thoughts quickly turned to my two cats and how I was going to get them across country when I would not be able to accompany them. Disappointment followed when my veterinarian could provide no leads to a reputable organization to provide such a service.

    If this sounds at all like your experience and you happen to have stumbled upon Happy Tails Travel by accident, you can stop looking, you have found your answer!

    These wonderful people managed to get my feline friends safely across country with only 6 days notice. If this will be your first time having a pet travel by air (accompanied or unaccompanied) you will soon come to realize how amazing a feat that is.

    I was contacted every day for the following week by staff, making sure I had the right size crate for my pets, providing helpful hints to make the travel less stressful for them, and they handled every travel detail.

    The day before the flight I was called personally to make sure I had all the travel documents necessary and had a personal cell phone number to call (for a 5 AM flight!) if there was any complications. Then the day after the flight I was called again just to make sure everything was alright.

    As I stood waiting in line the morning of the flight to drop off my pets the two people in front of me were both sent away without being able to drop their animals off at the Cargo Terminal. One had a crate too small and one didn't have the right documents. My anxiety skyrocketed as I thought of all that could go wrong with the grumpy airline agent. I showed him my Happy Tails travel packet, the AirWay Voucher for flight, signed my name in two spots and my cats were airborne. Relief.

    They take customer service seriously here and they know there job well. I have never taken the time to praise a company via letter. I am so grateful for the experience, they care for my animals almost as much as I do.

    Darren Diedschlag
    Arizona to Pennsylvania

  • Sunny the dog in Guam - Military Overseas Pet Shipping Services

    Thank you for all you do for our military 4 legged friends. I appreciate all you did for my Sunny.

    We have been telling friends about your great service to help military and non-military families with pets that need to move overseas.

    Respectfully yours,
    Dana Ashton & Sunny
    Maryland to Guam

  • I truly cannot thank Bridget and her staff at Happy Tails Travel enough for what they did for my family and I. They helped to get my dog Cleo from Omaha, NE to Milan, Italy safely. I don't know what I would have done without them!

    I came back to Nebraska and thought I could just take Cleo with me underneath the plane but found out I couldn't with some airlines because of her breed. I didn't know what to do and when I called Bridget at Happy Tails, I was crying and frantic. She quickly put my mind at ease and told me it can be done and she would look into it! She got back quickly to me and went step by step through the process with me! I pretty much called her every day with questions and she answered them every time. Plus we could track Cleo as she flew so I knew exactly where she was at all times! It was easy for my husband to pick her up since there was a representative in Milan for him to talk to! Thank you to Bridget and her wonderful staff! My family is finally complete here in Italy!

    Heidi, Jon, and Cleo
    Omaha NE to Milan Italy

  • Higgins dog - Pet travel services from Nashville, TN to sto Raleigh, NC

    I'd like to thank Happy Tails Travel for helping me with the process of sending my dog home. I have never had to fly a pet anywhere and it was a terrifying process for me to begin not to mention it all happened so fast. Once I found out I was going to have to fly my dog to another location it was only a week away from when it had to be done.

    Happy Tails Travel not only made it possible to book and get everything ready in that short time period but also made it a good experience. They made sure that I was completely prepared and knew where to go and what all I needed to bring. Any time I have to relocate a pet I will without question use Happy Tails Travel.

    Thank you again,
    Nicole Higgins
    Nashville, TN to Raleigh, NC

  • Nelson, Bella and Lilly - Pugs - Pet travel services from Washington to Alburquerque, New Mexico

    I just wanted to let Happy Tails Travel know everyone made it in safe and sound and have been enjoying hanging out and being lazy.

    The whole family is together and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help in making that happen. If we ever have to move again I fully intend on using Happy Tails again. Thanks so much.

    Danielle and Michael Croley
    WA to Albuquerque, NM

  • Thunder - Military Pet travel services from Maryland to Honolulu, Hawaii

    Hi Jennifer! I apologize for the major delay in response! Thunder and I are having a blast out here in Hawaii. I am so glad to finally have my baby with me again!

    Your assistance with his safe arrival was indispensable! In my job I speak with many people who are moving to the island. I have and will continue to recommend your services to all those bringing the four-legged family members with them!

    Thank you so much!!!

    Meghan and Thunder
    Maryland to Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Piper the Dog - Military Pet travel services from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida

    Just a note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your assistance with Piper's flight! You made this transition so much better for us and your flexibility was incredible. Piper is most precious to us and the staff at Delta were amazing with her. She is a gentle soul by nature and of course won the staff over in about 20 seconds! She was excited to see Zan, Cadence, Sophia and Isabella. I am going to miss her so much, but she is where she needs to be!

    Thank you again for you care of our family member! I would highly recommend your service (and have already done so!)

    Grateful, Mary
    Seattle, WA to Jacksonville, FL


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