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    We love helping pets have a smooth move and want to help you too!

    At this time, generic e-mail inquiries and replies to Pet Travel Form submissions are taking about 3 business days from the time they are received. Priority goes to existing clients and those traveling the soonest.

    Due to our existing clients and transport schedule, at this time we are booking ground transports at least 30 days out from the date a signed contract is received, and we require at least 15 business days to accommodate domestic air travel, from the date a signed contract is received. 

    We regret to inform you that all international services are currently suspended.

    Air options remain limited as airlines work on resuming services as usual. Air travel becomes more difficult for pets to fly as temperatures must be below 80° Fahrenheit at all cities on a pet’s itinerary and many places in the country are already experiencing warmer temperatures.

    If you are interested in working with us, the quickest way to receive a response is to fill out our Pet Travel Form.  It will provide us with the additional details we need to see how we can best assist you.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to working with you!


Popeye is really enjoying himself. He just looks very happy and comfortable being an island dog. The first day he was here we went to the beach and if he could talk I would bet he way saying “THIS PLACE IS SO COOL! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME HERE!!!” You helped make his trip very stress free and easy. I really appreciated the constant updates, immediately responses and hard work on your end. I felt confident the trip was going to be easy from day one having you on the case. Thank you so much for everything. You and your team really do a great job for people and pets that need help. 

-Anthony and Popeye
Sarasota, FL to Kailua, HI


Happy Tails did an excellent job transporting my high anxiety dog from California to Oregon as part of our family move.  Every detail was meticulously seen to, and the driver, Mia, went above and beyond to ensure that Little Joe was safe, happy and loved throughout the journey.  She was delayed due to weather, but communicated frequently and sent pictures to set my mind at ease that he was safe and comfortable and well cared for.  I highly recommend this service as a way to get your pet to its new home.

Betsey S. & Joe
Oakland, CA - Portland, OR

Hodges 2 (2)Hodges 1 (2)

The kitties are happy in their new private room and get lots of lovin’ from all of us, especially our little grandkids. Here is a pic of Smokey Lonesome and one of beautiful Bianca- she’s winking and trying to tell you she had a fabulous trip from KY to NH! Oliver was bring camera shy.  Thank you so much for the great service you provided. It was a huge relief to have the cats taken care of so well. We certainly will use your services again if needed, and of course will recommend Happy Tails!

Thanks again,
Karen H.
Lexington, Kentucky - Bradford, New Hampshire

Bohemian Rhapsody  Jumping Jack Flash (3)

Hi Bridget, thank you for the incredible amount of work you and your staff have done towards making the shipping of the two pups to Europe a reality. Now they are gaining weight and enjoying their new home. I have heard from Linda who says how thoroughly pleased she is with the soundness, temperament and quality of the two pups.Thank you again for seeing this through from initial contact to a satisfactory ending for all.

Phyllis Lockwood, Willowrun Great Danes
Clarendon NC to Frankfurt Germany

Kaya (2)

Happy Tails Travel was such a huge peace of mind for me during this pretty stressful move. Kaya arrived in Glasgow with no problems, and was so happy to be reunited with us. They answered dozens of questions to ease my anxious mind and made this process so much easier on me.I can't thank you enough! 

We are settling in nicely, and Kaya LOVES her new home and exploring all the beautiful scenery every day! 

Thanks again for all your help,

Mystie and Kaya
Houston, Texas - Aberdeen, Scotland 


Circe is settling in well in our new home thanks to Happy Tails Travel, Inc. They handled everything and guided me every step of the way. It was a very seamless and stress-free process. I was especially concerned because she's 19-years-old and was traveling from Chicago to Seattle, but Happy Tails got her to me safely.

Thank you so much Happy Tails Travel & Kim!

Kenyatta B.
Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA

My family and I were moving to LA and so we needed to fly our labradoodle, Emma. We were moving from Miami and with all the temperature restrictions for flying pets in hot temperatures, we knew that it would be tricky. The folks at Happy Tails were great! They booked Emma on a flight and kept us updated on the temperatures. At the last minute, the temperature soared past 85 degrees and the airport folks wouldn't let Emma on the flight. There were no other flights out in the next 24 hours and my family and I were scheduled on our own flights early the next morning. We were freaking out! Kim, at Happy Trails organized for Emma to be picked up in Miami and driven to Orlando, where she found a flight leaving very early in the morning for LA. She saved us a ton of aggravation! And now Emma is a California dog;) Thanks, Happy Tails!

Diane M. & Emma
Miami, FL - Los Angeles, CA

Moose (2)

Our return was a breeze and we settled back into our home life quickly. Pamela was a huge help and made our departure and return so pleasant - thank you again for recommending her to us! The whole process with Happy Tails Travel was so easy on my end and made our travels stress-free. Both times I picked up Moose from the flights he was safe and sound with his tail wagging. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that he was safe and happy throughout our travels. It means the world. 

Thank you so much for everything you did to help us, we are so appreciative. We will not hesitate to use you guys again for any future travels!

Gabi M. & Moose
Round-trip from Seattle, Washington to Newark, NJ

More Military Pet Travel Testimonials

  • Safe Pet Relocation for Our Military

    Buddy and Sassy are here, safe and sound here in Paradise! It's so GREAT to have them back sleeping next to me on the couch... they love the house and yard, and appear to be in super shape! THANKS so very much for all your assistance and help, the whole experience really was painless. You enabled me to really enjoy our vacation time knowing the dogs were in good hands. I'll give you a call tomorrow, but wanted you to know they are here.

    They arrived about 1915hrs, and we had them in the truck by 1950, and home by 2030. As my son would say "easy-smeezy, lemon squeezy..." Only spent about 10 minutes signing all paperwork and paying for delivery.

    Thanks again!
    Sue D.
    Newport, RI to Honolulu, HI
    p.s.: Buddy is the one with the white ring on his neck, Sassy is mostly black with a little brown.

  • Pet Travel Arrangments for PCS

    I just wanted to let you know that Eve made it to her "new home" at her 'grandparents' last night. So far she is doing well, and is trying to adjust without us. She is in good hands. Thank you so much for all your help. I would recommend you and your business to others. It was great to work with you in helping us find good travel for Eve! Thank you again.

    Richell B. "Eve's Mom"
    Holloman AFB, New Mexico to Troy, PA

  • Shipping Military Pets Handling all the Issues - So You Won't Have To

    Wanted to thank you for helping us send for our 13 year old American Eskimo, Bear, from my sister's in California.

    This was the first time Bear was going to fly & I was very concerned for her. It was important to have her with us, as she was the last of my original 3 dogs. My husband's military assignment to Hawaii was exciting but worrisome at the same time having to deal with flying Bear to Hawaii unaccompanied plus all the paperwork & quarantine issues. I wanted to make it easy for my sister & brother-in-law to be able to send her on her way without problems at the airport and all the paperwork. You definitely helped make it easier on all of us and she arrived safe and sound. We would highly recommend your services. Enclosed is a photo of Bear, now 14, & her adopted brother, Little Rick.

    C & C
    Sgt., United States Army
    California to Hawaii

  • PCS Pet Relocation and Shipping

    I would like to thank you for everything you and your crew have done for me and Buddy. I am a forward military member that needed the help of my parents to take care of Buddy.

    You made my life out here on my ship a little easier for keeping my mind on my job as a forecaster for the military, which is hard to do because weather is a constant changing event. But when you add problems from home, it does not help. You made it possible for me to take my mind off home events and bring them back to the fighting game. You made sure that Buddy got his vet exam and arranged for his flight as well as picking up a new kennel for him so that he could travel. My breeder appreciated the help as well. That made her life a little easier since she does not drive on highways and that is all San Diego is. She said that she would use the service because it is well managed and very friendly. I will be using your services again due to the fact that I will be in for a full career, and if you are a military member I recommend this service, because they make the PCS that we go through every 2 to 3 years a lot easier.

    Very Respectfully,
    AG2 Cory W.
    USS Bonhomme Richard
    San Diego, CA to Lakeland, FL

  • Multiple Pet Relocation Discounts for the Military

    I again just wanted to say thank you for all your help. We searched for days trying to find someone who was inexpensive yet would really care about getting our pet back to us.

    You were really great. You kept us informed, made sure that she was safe, and provided the service quickly & efficiently .

    Thank you so much.
    PVT/LCPL Billy Gene Jr., Amy Ellen, And Lola Lee K.
    Virginia Beach, VA to Reno, NV

  • Dog and Cat Relocation for Military Members Family Pet Relocation Locally and Overseas

    Dear Happy Tails... My name is Mike and I'm stationed in San Diego, CA.

    When my roommate and I bought a puppy we thought we would have enough time to take care of it. Since I am in the Navy I depended mostly on him to do the work. When he moved out I was left with the task of shipping Jackson back to my family in New York until I could take care of him again. Luckily I found Happy Tails Travel and they were able to answer all of my pet shipping questions. They gave me easy to follow directions of what to do and were able to work around my rigorous schedule. About a week later Jackson was safe and sound in his new home. Everything went very smoothly and I would recommend Happy Tails Travel to anyone, so does Jackson. :)

    -Mike L.,
    E - 5 Navy Fire Controlman
    Petty Officer Second Class
    CA to NY

  • Airline Animal Cargo / Animal Freight for Shipping Military Pets

    We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help in getting our “baby” to us when my husband received orders to Okinawa, Japan, we were excited with thoughts of new adventures!

    The excitement was mixed with uneasiness though, not knowing how we would get Winston, our Great Dane, over with us. After on internet search and several phone calls we decided to trust Happy Tails with the huge task of sending Winston what a great decision that was! Not only did you work hard to get us the best flight, but it was quick and he arrived with a note on his carrier from one of his “baby sitters” en-route! Thank you so much for your help. Thanks also for the $100.00 discount to military families. We appreciate your support and thoughtfulness!

    Thanks again,
    Lara & Ryan N.
    SSGT Airforce
    New Orleans, LA to Okinawa, Japan

  • malibu the dog

    Hello Bridget,
    Thank you for all your help getting Malibu to me. It was stressful enough moving up to Alaska from the east coast and hearing that the airlines might not accept her was heartbreaking. So, I wasn't going to let that stop me from having my dog. You helped ensure me that she was safe and on her way, and I thank you for that. You always kept me updated on everything. Thank you! I am very happy and pleased with the kind customer service that was given to me. Thank you again!

    Audrey Alvarez
    Easton MD to Kodiak AK

  • Louie the dog

    I want to thank you for your help in getting Louie safely to London! When I first realized Louie had to travel cargo I was really nervous, but your professional help and genuine caring put my mind at ease.

    I will highly recommend your service and will give you a call when it is time to return to the U.S. Thanks again!

    Carol D
    Highland, IL to London, England

  • sebastian

    Bridget, Thank you for everything. You have been a heaven sent in getting our Ferret, Sebastian to us. I don't think I would have been able to do it on my own.

    You were able to get all the information needed to get Sebastian safely on the plane, and getting through the Italian customs was a breeze due to your detailed instruction. Eric is also grateful for all your attention with his many questions.

    Thanks so much,

    The Ford Family
    Yorktown, VA to Venice, Italy

  • drago the dog PCS pet shipping

    Bridget, Thank you so much for helping me with the arrangements for getting Drago to me in South Korea. I was pretty concerned about not being able to take him when I flew. Drago's extreme size required the biggest kennel on the market and you even found a convenient flight that would accommodate him.

    You made it work out and on schedule too.  Because the flights were so long you even made sure he had a layover someplace where they'd clean out his kennel, get him some exercise and make him comfortable over night until his next flight.

    Drago was excited and healthy when the service you arranged with delivered him to my doorstep here in Seoul. He has settled in wonderfully and we're both so happy to be back together again !

    Amy L. & Drago
    Detroit, MI to Seoul, South Korea

  • nadine

    Thanks again for all of your help. You made this seemingly frustrating and complicated process completely smooth and painless. I couldn't have imagined doing it without your assistance. Of course I felt like Nadine deserved the best care but it was evident that you did as well, which we both appreciate. All of my anxiety about her flight disappeared when I arrived at the airport to find that every detail had been taken care of for me by Happy Tails.

    I will admit that I did still track her flight like a radar. Nadine was one big smile when she got off the plane in San Francisco and met my mom. I wish my dog had maybe been a little sad and missed me more! It's obvious that she was in good hands.

    1st Lieutenant Nick R., USMC
    Jacksonville, NC to Los Altos Hills, CA

  • Lonesta rLucky

    Dear Bridget... Arrival without a hitch! He was as feisty as ever and happy to be back with the "pack"! Currently sleeping by my feet as I type.. Attached is a photo of Lonestar lucky hanging ten! It was a seamless, smooth transition.

    Thanks again and Aloha!

    Maria P.
    Newark, NJ to Waipahu, HI

  • buddy the dog

    Hi Bridget! Just wanted to Thank You once again for non stop hard work and let you know we are having a blast with Buddy home.I am So glad I found your site thru our military services and that I will be more than happy to pass your site around with your good name.He has settled in like he never left us...

    I can't wait for my husband to come home from Iraq and so we can all be complete again.

    Thank you,
    Tanya N.
    Hackett, Arkansas to Ansbach, Germany

  • stuka the cat princess the dog

    Thank you so much for getting our Stuka and Princess safe and sound to us! This was a great experience -- you managed to get two different pets from different cities to us within about an hour of each other! They quickly adapted to each other and to our new house!

    We have several more years in the military so there is a good chance we will be using you guys again! Thank you for helping us with the last step in building our new family!

    Deb. P. and Family
    San Antonio, TX to Dayton, OH
    Vero Beach, FL to Dayton, OH

  • Happy Tails Travel We Help With Military Pet Relocations PCS Pet Relocation Services

    We have Taro, he made it great. Thank you... I passed your site around the base before I left. If you send me flyers/info, I will get them to someone at the base to put in the travel office.

    We really appreciate your help... and we really would not know what to do without Taro with us.

    Anthony B.
    Japan to Montgomery, AL

  • Cat Shipping Nationally and Overseas Happy Tails Travel Pet Shipping and Relocation

    My parents and I would like to thank you so much for taking such great care of my two cats, Milla and Stella. They flew from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA and it was probably the smoothest trip they've ever taken!

    We were all very worried about how stressful a cross country trip would be on them but, despite the long plane ride and trips to and from the airport, they settled into their new home in record time. I'm sure this is due in no small part to the well planned travel arrangements you put together on their behalf. We can't thank you enough for your help! Your stellar services are highly recommended!!

    The Gregory Family
    (Including Milla and Stella)
    Ft. Washington, MD to San Francisco, CA

  • Arranging Pet Travel to Keep Military Pets with The Family

    Once again, we would like to extend our appreciation for the service that you provided to us. The quality and care that was provided was exceptional. You went far and beyond that which we expected.

    You safely transported our cats to us and made our family whole again. I don’t know how we would have done this without your cooperation. Without a doubt, the one evolution of our travel that occurred without any problems was with you all.

    Thank you once again for bringing us back together again and continue on with the care and dedication that you have once again demonstrated with our family.


    Marilou, Jerry, Charles, Josbie, Catalina, Scratch, Maggie and Sweetie
    Okinawa, Japan to Raleigh-Durham NC, USA

  • Located in Tucson, Arizona We Have Been Relocating Pets for Over 12 Years

    Dear Happy Tails...
    I would like to thank you so much in helping me out on sending my little precious "Marco" to me.

    I'm stationed here at Davis-Monthan and I just simply didn't have the time to go and pick up my baby in Iowa. I tried calling the airlines and we couldn't reach an agreement in our shipping plans. They simply said it's too hot here in Arizona. I was looking online for solutions and I discovered the Happy Tails web page. You guys have been nothing but supportive, and always kept me informed on what the status was on the pup.

    Thanks again!
    Des Moines, IA to Tucson, AZ

  • PCS Pet Relocation Services Pet Travel safety is our Priority

    Thank you for the service that you provided for our pets' travel to Okinawa, Japan.

    I only wish that we had known of your service long ago. It would have saved us a lot of hardship and money. The service that you provided was the Peace of Mind that we have been seeking all this time for our pets. It's not often to find a Business that understands the trials of being in the Military.

    Your service is the welcome break that we all have been looking for. Thank you for the time and dedication that you provided for our pets.

    Thank you.
    Marilou and Jerry M.
    Jacksonville, NC to Okinawa, Japan


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