• We've been home for a month and everyone is settling in nicely! Attached is a picture of Briny enjoying her new home. Thanks again for all your help!
    Warm regards,

    Clayton Saunders from Rome, Italy to Dulles, VA

  • Blue the Dog - Military Pet transportation services from California, USA to Brandon Suffolk UK Blue the Dog - Overseas Pet travel services from California, USA to Brandon Suffolk UK

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your help getting Blue to the UK. Everything went perfectly from his paperwork to his drop off to the pick-up.

    He was a very happy boy when we picked him up and his customs clearance process was very smooth.

    Erin Sturgell & Blue
    Rosamond CA to Brandon Suffolk UK

  • Obi - dog shipped from Smithfield, VA to Venice, Italy

    After a few days Obi is still doing great! He is eating normal, sleeping as expected, and being his general frisky self. I've attached a picture of Obi and the kids for your enjoyment. We are grateful for your help in getting him here in such good health. He was well taken care of. Thanks!


    Ike Williams
    Smithfield, VA to Venice, Italy

  • Dogs, Sierra and Jenny shipped from Austin, TX to Oakland, CA

    Thanks to Happy Tails Travel Jenny & Sierra had a safe flight from Austin, TX to Oakland, CA.

    Happy Tails Travel coordinated the entire travel process for my pets. I was up to date on all the arrangements even as they traveled to their final destination. We were very pleased with the services Bridget provided. Thanks Happy Tails!!

    Leslie F.
    Austin, TX to Oakland, CA

  • Here are some photos of our Ellie (female dog) and Hapa (male cat) after their very long trip from Maui to Maine. They are enjoying their Happy Tails cowboy bandanas.

    You did a fantastic job getting them to us in very good condition. They were no worse for the wear and as happy as ever to see us. They settled into our their new home like they had been here all along! We are so grateful for your service!

    Our best to you,

    Michael and Leanne Caires
    Makawao, HI to Portland ME

  • We are eternally grateful for your helping our dogs, Bo and Megan be flown to us without any muss or fuss.

    Thank you! Kelly Brilakis
    Denver, Co to Atlanta Ga.

Meet Happy Tails Travel, Inc.

Hi! I'm Bridget and I started Happy Tails Travel, Inc. because I value animals and believe in the pleasure and healing they bring to their owners and everyone with whom they have contact.

Because of today’s transient society and love and devotion to their animals, many people require assistance with moving their faithful four-footed family members. I enjoy the challenge of coordinating a smooth move!

I have always loved animals and today my husband and I share in the care of our parrot, one cockatiel, and five cats.

I have been a registered nurse since 1986, and have lived in Tucson since 1990.

Having a business where I can help pets and families reunite through relocations and adoptions by air with care has brought joy to my life!

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“I have grown up around pets. We have had dogs and cats in my house ever since I was a child. I consider my furry friends to be a part of my family, and could never imagine leaving them behind. It is so rewarding to get to work with people to keep their furry families together!” - Kat Bond



"All my life I have always considered my pets to be my furry family members and I couldn't imagine moving and  my dogs not being right there with me. So it is awesome that I get to help keep families together with their four legged family members."- Shay Jones-Needham


I love animals and have been passionate about them my whole life! I consider my dog Bindi to be my fur baby and a part of my family. I'm so glad to have a job where I get to put my love of animals to work!


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