Employment Opportunities

We welcome applications for drivers throughout the continental U.S. as we are always looking to expand our driving team. In order to drive for us, you must have an SUV or minivan, current insurance, and a valid driver's license. To be considered, please send a current resume, cover letter, vehicle information (year, make, model), and your home city/state to PetDesk@HappyTailsTravel.com

All requested information must be included for consideration. 

Happy Tails Alerts

New LIVE Chat!

We are excited to launch our new live chat feature on our website! Have questions about our services? Wondering what the best method of transport is for your pet? Simply click the tab on the bottom right-hand side of our webpage to message us!

Responses will be received as quickly as possible during business hours (7 am - 4 pm MST Mon - Fri). After hours, the chat feature will leave us a message and we will respond the next working day.

Featured Testimonial

"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding services provided by Happy Tails Travel during the transportation of our beloved Sparky to his new home.

From our initial contact with Happy Tails Travel, Lizzie, our Pet Travel Specialist, demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication. Lizzie's expertise and commitment were evident throughout the entire process, providing us with the confidence that Sparky was in the best possible hands. Her attention to detail, clear communication, and genuine care for animals made the entire experience seamless and stress-free."

Make sure to read the rest of Sparky's testimonial and our others here!

Happy Tails Travel Driving & Flight Nanny Team

Happy Tails Travel is proud to offer our By Ground Safe and Sound and our 24/7 Pet Care in the Air and Everywhere Service, locating pets by ground and air throughout the contiguous United States. We would not be able to offer this service if it were not for our amazing transport team!

While all transporters are independent contractors, we only work from a select list of who have signed an agreement with us and are trained to uphold our company standards.

Before being brought onto our transport team, each must read and sign our comprehensive driver handbook, and satisfactorily complete a ride along with a more senior team member. Each transporter is current on insurance, has a clean driving record, an approved vehicle, and has undergone a background check. And of course, they are each huge animal lovers!

Meet some members of our transport team below! The transporter for your specific transport will depend on the type of pets you have, where your pets are going to and from, and who we have nearby at the time of transport.

Our Drivers

Ground Pet Shipping Driver - Aaron Cross


Dodge Grand Caravan

My name is Aaron. I have been working with Happy Tails Travel since 2018. I have always been an animal lover. Prior to working here, I have worked for various animal rescues, so this job was made for me. I enjoy traveling and getting pets safely to their families. This has become a lifestyle, not a job.


Dodge Grand Caravan

Hi! I’ve spent most of my life in central Florida where it’s a little country and a bit of city.  We’ve had all kinds of pets- from cats and dogs to iguanas and chickens! I like to have an easygoing fun time and enjoy seeing new sights, going on outdoor adventures, photographing almost everything, plus meeting great people. I am always honored to spend time with new animal friends of all sizes, who need a trustworthy and conscientious companion along their journey back to family.



After retiring from Corporate America, it was time that I got to do something that I really enjoy - Traveling and spending time with animals. I love every pet I have ever met and love traveling our beautiful country. I love that I can enjoy my 2 loves at the same time. It's my pleasure to serve furry and human clients. 

Ground Pet Shipping Driver - Cody Kemp


Ford E350

My family and I live just outside Atlanta, Georgia. My wife and I have two kids, two dogs, and a cat! I enjoy riding bikes, rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking and camping. We raise a large garden every year that keeps us busy, and we almost always have a foster dog/cat around to love on for a few months before they find forever homes. l love meeting new people, animals and helping pets get to their new homes!



My name is Gabe and I'm a US Navy Veteran, father of 3. I enjoy travelling and I love all animals. What is more fun than getting to do something I enjoy with things that I love?


Dodge Grand Caravan

I have raised and handled animals my whole life. I try to make every transport as enjoyable for your pet as I can. I text lots of pictures and videos of our shenanigans for your enjoyment. I do have a sense of humor and will try to make you laugh and feel confident that we are having a safe and fun time. I go out of our way to stop at Petco’s or Petsmart to let the dogs pick out treats and have some fun. My van is almost a driving salon; I like to groom the animals and make them beautiful before I drop them off. I will spoil your pets if allowed and try to make it more of a vacation then anything else. I love animals and transporting them and most animals love me.



Hello, my name is Jennifer. Spending time with animals is one of the joys of my life, so I really enjoy each opportunity to travel with new pet friends. I like getting to know their personality, and learning what makes them happy and comfortable. 

I currently am semi-retired in San Antonio Texas, but lived over 30 years on the West Coast, and am originally from Illinois. I have always enjoyed travel and lived in Europe and South America for a while. 

In my free time, I work on renovating my house, taking care of our dog and five cats, working in my ebay store, and spending time with my two grown daughters. At one time we had a dog, seven cats, two sheep and twenty three chickens so you can see things have quieted down in my life.

Working with Happy Tails Travel is rewarding for the pleasure of bonding with your pet, having an adventure together, and especially seeing the joy when they are reunited with you at the end of our journey together!

John and Keely

Honda Odyssey

We left corporate life to follow our passion of serving families and their pets. (Keely: Clinical Research Manager) (John: Sales Manager). We bought a brand new RED Honda Odyssey & have never looked back (except at our pets in the back of van, LOL). We also had a very significant house fire that inspired us to serve family pets (our Standard Poodle was saved by the “Captain” Firefighter). We understand the stress of trusting others with our furry pets!


Dodge Grand Caravan

Hello, I'm Julie!  I grew up around pets and farm animals in my youth and have cared for over 25 domestic cats and dogs personally in my homes.  I love to foster and volunteer for animal services/shelters across the country.

After selling my performing arts dance studio, my family and I traveled the country for the last 7 years touring all 48 states with our 3 cats and 2 dogs.  We now live bi-coastal in Florida and California and enjoy being near any large body of water!

I understand the attention and care that each animal requires while traveling on the road from one destination to the next and look forward to the journey with each loved pet.  My communication with each client is specific to their needs and I will always cater to every detail that is required for the animal that I am transporting.

I look forward to meeting you and your beloved fur baby!


Chrysler Pacifica

I am retired U.S. Navy and retired Teamster. I love pets, driving and working out with my wife. Having the opportunity to transport pets has allowed me to combine my passion for driving and pets, while being able to spend time with my wife, who usually accompanies me on transports. We also cook for seniors and veterans groups when we are home.


Toyota 4Runner

Hello! My name is Kevin and I’ve been with Happy Tails Travel since 2021. I live in Vermont with my twin brother, Matt, who happens to also be a driver for Happy Tails. I have a dog of my own, a golden retriever named Canon, and look forward to treating your pet(s) like they’re my own!


Ford Transit

Greetings fur parents! My name is LaKeisha. I love animals & taking long road trips! Getting to have pets ride along with me to their new home sweet home is a great combination for a career for me. 

I wanted to start something different after the pandemic. When I talked to Kim, the Domestic Manager for Happy Tails Travel, she explained everything about this unique job.   She was so excited to learn of my interest & adding me to be one of the women team drivers on the team.  

I look forward to serving your pet family member in having a fun & safe ride with me wherever they are going by Ground Safe & Sound! 

Matt H

Ford Explorer XLT

Hi, I'm Matt! I’ve been driving for Happy Tails Travel since 2018. I am an avid animal lover, and even have my own French Bulldog, Zeus. I love to travel and see the country and it’s even more fun with pets! My favorite part of the transports are being able to send you photos and updates of your furkiddos having a blast with me on the road! In my free time, my husband, Julio, and I enjoy working out, crocheting, and hanging with our own pup.


Honda Odyssey

I grew up around pets and animals of all sizes and the passion to care for them has continued throughout my life. I have volunteered at numerous animal shelters and nature conservations, within the U.S. and abroad, caring for exotic & domestic breeds.

Driving for Happy Tails Travel combines my passion for driving and caring for your pets while safely getting them to you in your new home.  I am patient & skilled at caring for your pets that need medical attention, large breeds, pets that are high energy and those that have acute travel anxiety.

Prior to the actual day of pickup, I prefer to do a meet & greet to help reduce everyone’s anxiety (whenever possible). This face to face allows me to walk or play with your pets and to talk more in-depth about your precious family members.

I can’t wait to meet you & your family!!!


Lexus NX 200

I am Monte and have worked in Human Services and private Transportation for almost 30 years. During those years, I have also transported pets and service dogs. I had the pleasure to drive for Happy Tails since April 2023 and enjoyed every minute. Our pets are family members. I drive in a calm manner not just for safety but to make your family members comfortable and unanxious. There is nothing like seeing a pet reunited with there family member with wagging tails and a gleeful look.


Chrysler Town and Country

Olay loves traveling the country and as he grew up with animals, this job was the perfect fit for him. He loves reuniting clients with their furbabies and making sure everyone is looked after and cared for in the process. He is also a pilot and flies the “Batman Plane” when he is not driving pets across country for us (the tail of his plane has the batman symbol).  As he is based in Chicago, which is a major hub, Olay assists with many clients who have a combination of ground and air travel, as many times certain pets can only fly to and from certain airports.

Phillip & Tamir

Honda Odyssey

Greetings from Team Peña of Houston, Texas! I, Phillip, began driving with Happy Tails in 2020 and had so many great “tails” from the road, that I convinced my wife, Tamir, to retire early and join me full-time in 2022. Together we have traveled through all of the continental 48 states. We are experienced animal lovers having shared life with rescue dogs and cats throughout our 30-year marriage. Before joining Happy Tails, our corporate jobs had us relocating constantly, so we are familiar with the stress on all family members (human and fur babies) associated with moving. We are excellent communicators (from the introductory call to the final good-bye); love sending captioned photos of your pet family along the way; and offer your pet(s) the kind of love and attention they would get while at home with you. Phillip always is heart broken when it is drop off day, but Tamir says seeing pets reunited with their families is the greatest reward of the journey. In between clients, this team enjoys reuniting with friends across the country, hiking, and finding the best local restaurants each city has to offer.


Ram Promaster

My name is Robert. I have been working in the transportation & delivery industry since 2011. I am half Mexican, half Filipino. I live in Los Angeles, California with my wife, Yojana, my daughter Brisa, 8, my 2 sons, Sebastian (8) and Rafael (5 months), and our Cane Corso puppy, Champ. I enjoy listening to music, going to the beach, watching soccer & eating burgers from In-n-Out.


Toyota Prius

Hi, my name is Roderick. I am an entrepreneur, artist, writer and filmmaker with a passion for road trips, Audible books and fur-babies. From my home in southeastern Arizona, I have visited 47 of the United States, many of them with precious pets on board. My compassion for my passengers is matched by my attentiveness to communication.  I look forward to escorting your precious family members!


Dodge Caravan

Greetings! My name is Ruben Ramirez.

It is truly an honor to have the opportunity of being entrusted with the care of your loving companion! I consider the transport of your pet an awesome responsibility, therefore, I feel it is important to tell you a little bit about myself and how I became a pet transporter.

I was born in a small mining town in Texas called Newgulf, which is where my parents were born. We moved to Houston when I was 4 years old and that became my hometown. I entered the restaurant and hospitality industry in 1980 and stayed there until 2016. After 36 years as a restaurant manager, I decided to retire. Knowing I would need something to do in my retirement to keep me busy (and to keep from annoying my wife), I started ridesharing with the two leading ridesharing companies. I was browsing through a Facebook page one evening when I ran across a company looking for a driver willing to drive some pets to their new home. I answered the call and from then on, I was hooked. Although the restaurant business, and its many obstacles, was very challenging, I find driving pets to be much more fulfilling.

I can honestly say that I’ve slept in every state in the continental United States. I’ve carried every size pet from kittens and Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards and Great Danes. My friends and family love to hear my stories about my travels. My favorite part of America is the Midwest. The roads are wide open, and the skies are always blue. I also like to brag that I have traveled from border to border all in the same week (Mexican border to the Canadian border).

I plan to continue driving pets as long as it is safe for me to do so. When my wife retires (in a few years), she says she would like to accompany me on trips sometimes. I’m looking forward to that.