Pet Scams

Pet Travel Scams are steadily increasing in number and as a pet shipping company, we hear about them almost daily. The scams are typically people advertising an animal for sale and saying that they will ship the pet to you upon payment. However, as it is a scam there is really no animal. These people simply take your money and then do not ever send you the animal you were anticipating.


How to avoid a pet adoption scam & warning signs:

  • Emails contain broken English as the scammers are generally in another country. Watch for poor grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • They want all of your info, however they do not reveal their names, addresses, phone #, show pictures of themselves, their home, or their business. They try to paint a picture of themselves by saying things such as they are a married couple, with one of them handicapped and recently lost a job.
  • They prefer to use full breed puppies; the most popular is English bulldogs. Other popular dogs are Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Pitbulls, golden retrievers and Labradors. In the past week we have been told about birds being 'available'.
  • They say they are missionaries from another country.
  • Their ad offers to set you up with a pet shipper.
  • They want it to happen very quickly due to sob stories such as pet will be in danger if not sent soon.
  • They try to get you into an agreement to send payment to the seller, usually by Western Union.

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Think you may have been scammed? Happy Tails Travel, Inc. does not work with 3rd party vendors where they would arrange your pet’s entire transport without you speaking directly with us. If you have been contacted by a company or individual claiming to use Happy Tails Travel, Inc. to relocate a pet you may be purchasing or adopting, please visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center or IPATA Pet Scams to learn how to report a possible scam.