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New Video!

We have just added a new cartoon video on our YouTube channel! Our latest video discusses Pet Travel to and from Hawaii. The video explains why travel to Hawaii is the most difficult pet relocation in the United States and will teach you about what is needed to get your pets to Hawaii.

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About Happy Tails Travel, Inc.

At Happy Tails Travel, our team works closely together to ensure our continued success as a professional, well established pet shipping company with outstanding customer satisfaction. This includes keeping up with the latest advances in technology and industry related changes. We communicate as a team with all vendors, airlines, veterinarians and pet families to ensure a smooth move for our four-footed clients.  Our goal is a safe and comfortable traveling experience for the pet. The goal is a pet who arrives safe and sound to their new home sweet home, and to provide a positive experience for the pet parent.

Happy Tails Travel has safely shipped pets since 1995 with an outstanding safety record for pets.

To speak to your pet travel specialist, please call 800-323-1718

Our Staff


Bridget Monrad

RN RET, Business Owner

Hello! My name is Bridget & I started by company in 1995, and 26 + years later, I still enjoy my decision to have a service that helps pets fly by air with care or by ground safe & sound! 

My decision to own a business came after a career as a Registered Nurse, where my specialty was chemical dependency & psychiatric care. My experience is that by working as a medical professional, it then applies to being a successful entrepreneur. Especially pertaining to working with animals & people is the deep understanding of empathy, love of people, & the importance of ethics always. I have a natural ability to own a company, however I had to do lots of research, learning, consulting, trial & error, excellent employees, perseverance, etc. to maintain our excellent reputation, & weather the many changes in our society since the mid 1990’s.  

It also helped that as a little girl growing up, I did things to lead up to a service business such as running MD Carnivals, selling flower seeds door to door, newspaper route, babysitting, & selling paper restaurant placemats door to door in my apartment building for 3 cents each.  A big lesson I learned selling newspapers is that I would be happier with service than the retails side. Giving up tips because I came up short was no fun.  

What also began as a child is my passion for animals, as pets were my brothers & sisters, & now they are my kids! Coming from farming family for generations causes one to have a deep love & understanding of animals big & small.  Having a company that strives for outstanding customer service as well as care, comfort, & safety to traveling pets is a dream come true. It all began when someone asked me “If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?” Working with animals was my answer and four months later I began Happy Tails Travel. I am so happy that I did and am so grateful for all the support I have had through the years, including excellent employees, who make being a boss easy.  

“What I like best about what we do is the sound of relief when people learn we can help them with their special VIP needs for their pet & then on the other end hearing their deep satisfaction with our service & joy when their pets arrive safely to their destination.”  




Ph.D., Pet Travel Specialist/Project Manager

Elaine has three degrees in hospitality and tourism. She received her Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management from Northern Arizona University, a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Virginia Tech and a Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality Management from the University of Central Florida. Her work experience prior to joining Happy Tails Travel includes working in boutique hotels and working for Walt Disney World handling guest services, events, and reservations.

Elaine started working for Happy Tails Travel in 2014 as a Pet Travel Specialist, arranging both domestic and international pet relocation. Elaine then went on to becoming Project Manager, working more behind the scenes, analyzing the business and ensuring the company had the needed tools to run efficiently and successfully. Currently Elaine is working as both the Project Manager and as a Pet Travel Specialist due to demand.

"I have a passion for travel and am an animal lover, so the opportunity to work for Happy Tails Travel combines the best of both worlds!"

— Elaine



Pet Travel Specialist/Domestic Manager

Kim has worked in hospitality, travel, and management for more than 20 years.  She has an Associate’s degree in Hospitality Management and a Bachelors in Business Management.  Her passions include: travel, animals, and helping others, which is why she chose to come to Happy Tails!

Joining Happy Tails in 2017, Kim has grown in her position from Administrative Assistant to Pet Travel Specialist.  Kim also works as a Domestic Manager, which includes many internal aspects including being a leader to the team and point of contact for clients.  One of her favorite parts of the job is the paperwork involved in travel to Hawaii as she is meticulous in knowing, securing, and implementing the required information in a timely manner. She is familiar with the processes of quarantines as she moved to/from Japan with her late mini-Schnauzer and Japanese tabby cat, both of which were rescues.

Kim is now also a proud Mama to a human child as well as her furkids and loves every second of family life.

“My fur babies mean the world to me – I couldn’t imagine life without them.  They’ve been my family through thick and thin. I’m so glad to have the opportunities to travel and bring them with me! Pets are family, too!”

- Kim



Pet Administrative Assistant

Amanda has worked in management in the hospitality and retail industry for more than 20 years. She achieved her Bachelor’s in Health Information Management in 2008 and worked for 15 years in the healthcare industry. From 2010 to 2014 Amanda participated in dog rescue and fostered 27 sick and injured dogs to health and placement into forever homes sealing her heart to rescue and Pitbulls. In 2015 she took her first trip abroad to Italy and discovered a passion for travel.  She now volunteers at the local animal shelter and has two rescues of her own, a Pitbull named Louie and a Morkie appropriately named Dash. They share their home with her two rescue feral cats, Kat and Ghost!

Amanda began working at Happy Tails Travel at the beginning of 2021 as an administrative assistant, responding to Pet Travel Forms and sending estimates to potential clients.

“So far, working here is so much fun. Helping to get loved pets safely moved all over the country combined with getting to see pet pictures all day makes for the BEST job EVER!”


Employment Opportunities

Long Distance Ground Transport Driver for Pets

We are not immediately hiring for any driving positions. However, we always welcome applicants with a background in pet care or long distance driving.  If you have at least 3 years experience in either field, own an SUV or Minivan which you would use for pet transports, please submit a cover letter and resume to PetDesk@HappyTailsTravel.com. Please be sure to include the type of vehicle you will use, as well as the city and state you are based in.