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Fall Season

We love helping pets have a smooth move and want to help you too!

At this time, generic e-mail inquiries and replies to Pet Travel Form submissions are taking about 2 business days from the time they are received. Priority goes to existing clients and those traveling the soonest.

In order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and give our full attention to each client, we require at least 10 business days to accommodate domestic ground transport, and at least 15 business days to accommodate domestic air travel, from the date a signed contract is received.

We regret to inform you that all international services are currently suspended.

If you are interested in working with us, the quickest way to receive a response is to fill out our Pet Travel Form.  It will provide us with the additional details we need to see how we can best assist you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to working with you!

Pet Shipping Testimonials


I’ve been in touch with my family and they say Lily is doing great!

Happy Tails Travel definitely provided a smooth, positive move! The driver in Hawaii was so great too. Very friendly and really totally eliminated my worries for Lily’s flight. The driver, Kevin’s, updates were awesome. I felt so much better about her travels knowing she was going on plenty walks, and I loved seeing her in the hotel room. She looked content and happy with Kevin. 

Our pet travel specialist, Elaine, provided top notch service from the start, even before our contract started! Thank you so much for all your help!!! I couldn’t have asked for better service. 

Again, thank you all so much for your help!

Tyla C. & Lily
Honolulu, HI to New York, NY by Air
New York, NY to Mobile, AL by Ground


Our Shiba Inu lady Kitsune is an experienced traveler as she used to join us on trips when ESA's were allowed in the cabin of airplanes. When the pandemic hit, we decided to move in with Family in San Francisco and took Kitsune with us. During our stay, the ESA regulations had changed and we had a rude awakening at the airport, when Kitsune was not allowed on the plane as usual. We had to board her with family in SF, while we prepared our new space in New York. In order to retrieve Kitsune and re-unite the family, we hired Happy Tails Travel. We worked with Kim, who helped us with an expedited request to bring our doggo home. It turned out particularly difficult as most airlines had canceled their animal shipment services. Nevertheless, within only ten days, Kim had provided us with very clear instructions, helped us find the right crate, get all necessary documentation from the vet, found and booked a rare direct flight and organized all dog-transit to and from the airports. We were anxiously following the flight updates and were beyond relieved when our pup was delivered to our new home safe and sound. In a time when airlines are not helpful at all (our airline suggested renting a car and driving across the country instead), it is a real relief to know that there are people like the ones working at Happy Tails who care for pet owners and their pets, understand their needs and manage complex logistics so efficiently. Thank you Happy Tails, you made a separation drama come to a happy end!

Chloe B. & Kitsune
San Francisco, CA - New York, NY


Thanks for an excellent job, Elaine!  I thought it will be impossible to get our puppy from the mainland U.S. to PR., especially with the summer temperatures. However, after long traveling hours, Kylo arrived happy and in good shape.  Thank you again, Elaine, for your patience, perseverance, and excellent work. You brought back a smile on my kids’ faces during this difficult time.

Jorge L. & Kylo
Kansas City, MO - San Juan, PR


Licorice is doing great.  She is happy and settled right in.  She remembered me and is glad to be back with me and puttzer my pom.  Your service was great!

Donna K.
Phoenix, AZ - Milwaukee, WI


From start to finish, the team at Happy Tails and in particular Elaine provided us with stellar service. I initially had called a competitor and they withheld crucial information from me until I gave them a promise to sign a contract, which I did not do. Elaine, in contrast, answered every question we had and walked us through every step of the process. This included a generous number of phone calls to make sure, for example, that the crate was the proper type and correctly constructed, and also that the vet paperwork was completely in order. And she did all of this in the most empathic and kind way, which we greatly appreciated. I would recommend Happy Tails to anyone interested in pet travels with absolutely no reservations.

Jon P. & Holly
Portland, ME - Chicago, IL


From the beginning, Elaine and the staff at Happy Tails travel were great - attentive, professional and responsive. We started with them because our move from Houston to Berkeley was complicated by United Airline's current hold on pet transfers. There are no other non-stop carriers from IAH to SFO, but Elaine worked with American Airlines to put together an itinerary with a single moderate transfer time in Dallas. It takes a lot of paperwork and preparation, but following Happy Tail's detailed and helpful instructions drop off for Loki and Tolstoy at American's Houston freight facility was straightforward. What was not straightforward was that their Houston to Dallas flight was delayed and they could not make their connecting flight. Elaine was on the phone with American for almost 2 hours that morning and managed to get both cats on the next connecting flight. This was not easy, since their first response was that there was not enough room for them. We are so glad that she made it work - both Loki (Abyssinian, age 18) and Tolstoy (Tabby, age 12) arrived in good shape and are doing very well in our new home. 

Special thanks to Elaine for her diligence and effectiveness in making it work, and her communication before and especially during the transfer. Thanks also to the whole staff at Happy Tails. At the start, I thought the service was expensive for something pretty simple. But based on the current requirements and details, even a short and direct transfer is not simple. And in our case, Elaine's expertise and hard work rescued what could have been a much worse situation.We are happy to give Happy Tails our strongest endorsement. 

David M.and Judy L.
Houston, TX - San Francisco, CA


I highly recommend Happy Tails Travel! They made the process of planning my cat's travel so seamless and worry-free, especially with the constant communication and attention to detail. By the time my cat was set to get on a plane for her flight, I was completely at ease because of how professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate they had been with me and my cat since Day 1. There's no better place to go for help with your pet's travel.

Christie M. & Juniper
Boston, MA - Seattle, WA


Our return was a breeze and we settled back into our home life quickly. Pamela was a huge help and made our departure and return so pleasant - thank you again for recommending her to us! The whole process with Happy Tails Travel was so easy on my end and made our travels stress-free. Both times I picked up Moose from the flights he was safe and sound with his tail wagging. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that he was safe and happy throughout our travels. It means the world. 

Thank you so much for everything you did to help us, we are so appreciative. We will not hesitate to use you guys again for any future travels!

Gabi M. & Moose
Round-trip from Seattle, Washington to Newark, NJ


Kim, Thanks again for the flawless execution on our boys’ travel yesterday. It was a haul door-to-door, but we made it and they are happy and healthy. It was a great pleasure dealing with you and your colleagues on this at every stage.

I highly recommend Happy Tails and Kim!

Oliver N., Jozsi and Janni
New York, NY - Kilauea, HI


Brutus is doing splendidly! He is loving his new home and even getting along with his new kitty roommate! He has always been obsessed with basking in the sun in the backyard, and is loving that he gets to do it every day here. He has also been going crazy chasing all the little lizards and bugs that he has never encountered before. Thank you for all of your help with the move. The whole process was a nightmare, and I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if I hadn't had your help along the way. I'm so grateful to have my little monster here in Hawaii with me!

Tabatha C. & Brutus
Woodinville, WA - Honolulu, HI


Circe is settling in well in our new home thanks to Happy Tails Travel, Inc. They handled everything and guided me every step of the way. It was a very seamless and stress-free process. I was especially concerned because she's 19-years-old and was traveling from Chicago to Seattle, but Happy Tails got her to me safely.

Thank you so much Happy Tails Travel & Kim!

Kenyatta B.
Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA


This is our sweet Holly. I am so thankful to all of you at “Happy Tails” for her safe travel. She has adjusted well to her new home.Thank you again for your detailed and loving attention to Holly.

Martha C.
Orange, CA - Nashville, TN


My family and I were moving to LA and so we needed to fly our labradoodle, Emma. We were moving from Miami and with all the temperature restrictions for flying pets in hot temperatures, we knew that it would be tricky. The folks at Happy Tails were great! They booked Emma on a flight and kept us updated on the temperatures. At the last minute, the temperature soared past 85 degrees and the airport folks wouldn't let Emma on the flight. There were no other flights out in the next 24 hours and my family and I were scheduled on our own flights early the next morning. We were freaking out! Kim, at Happy Trails organized for Emma to be picked up in Miami and driven to Orlando, where she found a flight leaving very early in the morning for LA. She saved us a ton of aggravation! And now Emma is a California dog;) Thanks, Happy Tails!

Diane M. & Emma
Miami, FL - Los Angeles, CA


Happy Tails Travel was such a huge peace of mind for me during this pretty stressful move. Kaya arrived in Glasgow with no problems, and was so happy to be reunited with us. They answered dozens of questions to ease my anxious mind and made this process so much easier on me.I can't thank you enough! 

We are settling in nicely, and Kaya LOVES her new home and exploring all the beautiful scenery every day! 

Thanks again for all your help,

Mystie and Kaya
Houston, Texas - Aberdeen, Scotland 


Hi, Bridget -

Thank you Happy Tails for getting Miss Cheri from Arizona to her new home in Tennessee! Here is the little sweetie, Cheri the Cat, settling into her new home with Mom in TN.

Typical cat, it took her a few days to feel comfy, but now she’s back to taking over the place again.

- Bryan S.
Phoenix, AZ to Nashville, TN


Hello Melissa,

Your service was excellent. We picked him up in great shape. He is a timid soul so I do not think that he enjoyed the rides but We know how well cared for he was from pick-up to delivery! I had complete confidence the whole day of his flight. He also needed the extras - crate and bowls, etc. that handled with great diplomacy. And all this expedited.

Bacchus is adorable. He is warming up gradually and we have started training.


Beverly S. & Bacchus
Washington, D.C. - Tucson, AZ


Happy Trails Travel has been so great in helping us move our cat, Samson from Atlanta to London.  Shay was very informative from the start.  I felt that they really cared about us and our pet and understood how scary this process can be.  Shay made the process simple and straight forward with her detailed instructions and even helped us when we made last minute decisions based on changing travel plans.  Samson is now safe in London and doing very well! Thanks Shay!!

Julie B. & Sampson
Atlanta, GA - London, England


Shay -
I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for Giorgio. He arrived safelyand was himself as soon as I got into the hotel room.

-Ed C.
Phoenix, AZ - Frankfurt, Germany


Thank you Happy Tails Travel!
This was our first experience flying a dog on a plane by herself. We have to say you really took care of her and us. Your prompt and constant communication from the time we contacted you until Frances was safely in our hands made us feel very confident about using your service. The flight email alerts are the best. Thank you for caring for the fur babies!!

Jacqueline P. & Francis
Atlanta, GA - Los Angeles, CA


Hi Melissa,
Again thank you. It was great to work with you. All went fast and easy. We felt very well taken care of from my first contact up to Paulchen's arrival.It was a great experience and I can only recommend Happy Tails Travel.

Thanks again.

Chicago, IL - Miami, FL


My husband and I got a sweet Boxer puppy just over a year ago while my company had us located in Olympia, Washington. We were so excited to get a puppy, and to have a dog, that I failed to realize that flying with a boxer - a brachycephalic animal could be difficult. In December I was told that my company would be moving us to Boston, Massachusetts, we were super excited until I read that the airline my company booked our flight with didn't allow Boxers to fly (the whole brachycephalic thing). I immediately started researching different ways to get my precious fur-baby to the other side of the country. I just happened upon Happy Tails Travel and let me tell you, I. COULDN'T. BE. HAPPIER. Happy Tails took care of everything from answering my nervous dog-mom questions to finding the best flight for my fur-baby. Melissa, my pet travel specialist, even coordinated a dog taxi for my Kikka baby when I wasn't able to get her to the airport! Everything felt so seamless on my endwhich is huge to me because I'm a worry-er. Kikka arrived in Boston happy to see us and with a clean kennel to boot! I am so proud she didn't have an accident during her long trip. And while she was quite cuddly the first few days after we got here, she has settled into our new routine perfectly! I'm so glad to have found Happy Tails because I know my company will move us again, but at least now I won't have to worry about how I'll move my fur-baby! Thank you Happy Tails Travel, Inc.!

Thanks Melissa!
Kasey C.
Olympia, WA - Boston, MA


Andy is doing real well. Andy is SO thrilled to be back with us and we to be reunited with him. He’s literally loving on us every minute and he seems much more calm than he ever was before. So it is all good and wonderful. When we picked him up from the airport he was screaming like a baby until he saw our faces in the car and then finally recognized us. Thanks again for your help with this move. We were anxious about him flying but I am absolutely certain that it was better than 5 days of car travel.

Here is a picture of “Little Orphan Andy” today at the hotel, who is not so little anymore and incredibly difficult to take pictures of!

All the best to you.

Sally & David AZ to TN


Thank you for making this transition for them as smooth as possible, we really appreciate that you were there every step of the way and answered all our questions!

Mike A. with Korbin and Leeloo
Port Jefferson Station, NY - San Jose, CA


I wanted to thank you and Shay for helping me get my furry child Roxy here to Italy, I couldn't have done it without you guys. When Roxy arrived she was extremely happy to get out of the crate and seeing me was even better! She is still pacing around the house getting use to it, she is eating and drinking water as usual, going to the bathroom is the same, making new furry friends at the dog park, cuddling with me every night, and she was jet lag for a couple of days but now she is better. Roxy and I are definitely going to use your services in the future. Once again, thank you!

Jessica B. (New Jersey - Rome, Italy)

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Hi Bridget!

I can not thank you enough for all the hard work and planning you put in to get Gemma to me in California. My family back in Connecticut will miss her terribly but I'm thrilled to have her living with me again. You were extremely reassuring and set all of our minds at ease. It's an amazing service you offer.Once again, my family and I can not thank you and your team enough!

Thank you so much!

Matt & Gemma
CT to CA

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Dear Bridget and the Happy Tails Travel Team, 

Thank you for a wonderful experience moving our beloved Pattie across the country for another great summer vacation.  With three children under 6, dog travel is a daunting task that was causing anxiety and grief before we discovered Happy Tails.  Your team’s professionalism and attention to detail sets my mind at ease. Knowing we have Happy Tails on our team makes the entire trip easier from departure to arrival and back. Pattie swam and lazed on the dock and enjoyed her summer in Maine and is now happily lounging at home in California. Thank you for helping to make this summer a memorable one with our sweet girl by our side. 

With appreciation, 

The Rockwell Family
Topango, CA to Summer Home, ME

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Here's some pics of Charlie and Penny on Venice Beach! They arrived safely and happy! You did a fantastic job in all their plans and I especially appreciated all the extra help you gave me in expediting and printing paperwork.

They love their new home! I would definitely recommend your company as the safest and best possible way to move pets to their new home.

Thanks again,

Eileen R., Charlie & Penny
Portland, OR - Los Angeles, CA

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Coach and Scout are adjusting very well in their new environment.  Their journey from MN to GA was a smooth one with much gratitude to Happy Tails Travel!  We are thrilled to have them back with us and look forward to the days ahead in our new home.  Thank you Ashley for making the arrangements as smooth & safe as possible!

We will happily recommend your services!

Erin B, Coach & Scout
Rochester, MN - Savannah, GA


Dear Ashley,

ONI arrived safe and sound as you can see and is settling in nicely.  His new favorite toy is the catnip fish you sent him!  He will dig through all his other cat toys to find it.  Oni's flight was without incident.  Thank you for making his move from San Francisco to Virginia a smooth one!

Lisa M. & Oni
San Francisco, CA - VA


Caitlin & Shay,

Thank you both so much for helping our cat, Chance, make a safe journey from the U.S. to the UK. We were in a panic when our transit plans with the airline fell apart at the last minute, and you all stepped in with confidence, professionalism and all the information we needed. You were there anytime we had a question or an issue arise, and you anticipated every need and prepared us to avoid any pitfalls. And all in just a week, at the very last minute! I can't recommend Happy Tails Travel enough for their knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness and care for pets' needs. Thank you for helping us get Chance to his new home!

Thanks again,
JMK & Chance
Norfolk, VA to London, England


Kat, hi!!

It was certainly a successful flight/move for Stella! She is safe and sound with my family in Tennessee. While the separation is hard, I'm thrilled that Stella will remain in the family and will certainly have a happy, healthy, future on a 7-acre farm with other animal friends to keep her company! :)Happy Tails helped make this transition feel seamless, and your services and colleagues were genuinely heartfelt in their handling of Stella. I appreciate that immensely! 

If I come across anyone with similar pet travel needs, I will be sure to send them your way! 

Take care, 

Sherri  & Stella
San Diego, CA to Nashville, TN

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Ashley & Shay,

My wife and I would like to thank you both for setting up Daisy's trips to California and back to Michigan.You made our life easier and took some of the stress out of our travels with our little girl She was transported safely and was her usual excited self when we picked her up from the airport.  Daisy had a great time in California while she was with us but was more than happy to be back home in Michigan in her big yard!  We appreciate everything both of you did to accommodate us and to make sure our little daughter made it to us quickly and safely as possible.

We would recommend Happy Tails Travel to friends and others for their professionalism and accommodating all our needs when in a pinch for time and getting direct flights for our dog / daughter / Daisy!  Thank you so very much!

Trevor & Jessie G. & Daisy too!
San Francisco, CA to Detroit, MI


Happy Tails Travel did an excellent job arranging for my cat's travel. When complications arose, they immediately went into action and made sure my cat got to his destination safely. They communicated with me the whole time, and took care of all of the details. I was very impressed by the combination of logistical expertise and genuine care provided by the Happy Tails team.I highly recommend their services!

Ben & Higgs
USA Domestic


Thank you all. Gypsy arrived in great shape. She is running around getting to know the new house. Should we need to move again, we will only use your services. We will gladly recommend your service to others.

Thank you for taking such good care of our girl.

All the best,
Lily & Gypsy
Newark, NJ to Orlando, FL

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Thank you for your help in Dusty’s move for a second time!  I was tracking too and am so glad the flight was smooth and arrived early. Sara said he was fine when he arrived - a little grumpy (which is understandable; we both had a long day). But soon he was out and exploring and eating his food. He is now resting comfortable at his new home!

Regina & Dusty
Parker, CO to Manassas VA


I do not know what I would have done without Happy Tails and Bridget. They truly came to our rescue!

On May 19, 2016, my 91 year old mother and I were set to fly across country from Richmond, VA to Salt Lake City, Utah. I had triple checked arrangements for her two beloved cats, and I was told I had everything in order. However, at the last minute, American airlines refused to let the cats fly. We were devastated. My mother and I flew as planned, while a family member agreed to take care of the cats temporarily. I was completely occupied getting my mother settled in her new home. I had been nursing her for weeks to get her strong enough for a move, packing her belongings and making necessary arrangements, so I was exhausted. The thought of flying back to Virginia and trying again to make flight arrangements for the cats was overwhelming.

Enter Bridget and Happy Tails. From the moment I first talked to her, she showed compassion, understanding and a resolve to get my mother’s cats to Utah safely. This was not an easy task, as we could not count on anyone in Virginia to do some of the necessary preparations. Bridget assured me that she would find someone who could, and she did find Jill, a wonderful person who took the cats back to the vet to get another health certificate, prepared the kennels, kept them overnight and took them to the airport. Bridget even had a back-up plan should the temperature prevent the cats from flying on one airline.

Ivan and Loldy arrived in Salt Lake City on June 3, 2016, safe and secure. My mother was thrilled to be reunited with her faithful, furry companions (the oldest is 20, if you can imagine), and the cats are happy in their new home. I never could have gotten the cats to Utah without Bridget and Happy Tails. Bridget was patient with my concerns and answered questions. She was very detailed and I knew exactly what to do when picking up the cats. I would definitely recommend Happy Tails to anyone who needs to get your pets across the country.

Andrea Nelson
Richmond, VA – Salt Lake City, UT


We are all settled in and Elwood is doing just fine. He is enjoying the brisk weather here in Amsterdam (maybe a little more than we are) and loves being able to go absolutely everywhere with us. The Dutch are very dog friendly! Thank you for all of your help getting him here safely. We are both prone to a bit of anxiety and dropping him off at the airport was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I knew he was in great hands. We will be returning in a few years and you can expect a call from us to get him back to the U.S. safely.

Thank you!!

-Ashley Herbert
Dallas, TX to Amsterdam


We used Happy Tails Travel to ship our 13 year old small standard Poodle Max from Minneapolis to Tucson in April.

We were concerned about how well Max would do during the trip and making sure it wasn’t too hot in Tucson for him when he landed.Happy Tails worked patiently with us as we sorted out all the travel logistics and were expert in ensuring all the necessary paperwork was in the right place at the right time, no small feat!Max arrived on time and curious about his new home.

My cousin recommended Happy Tails to me and I’m happy to fully endorse them as well.

-Chip Perry
Minneapolis, MN to Tucson, AZ

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Dear Ashley and the whole team at Happy Tails,

Bruni is doing great! We are so grateful to you for taking such good care of her! She arrived at my brother's well and happy. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much! You can see how happy she is, and here she is with her new brother Finn. Thank you for everything you did! And thank you for your kindness, compassion, and patience throughout. 

Alison Van Pelt


Thanks again for all of your attention to this process.  It made all the difference!

-Joe Finelli 
Savannah, GA to San Diego, CA


I had been living in the UK for some time already when it became apparent that I would be staying permanently, and so it was time to bring my precious cat Sylvia overseas.  To say I was nervous about the whole process would be an understatement.  I was terrified that I would make a mistake somewhere in the paperwork and she would end up in quarantine.  Well, the Happy Tails Travel team, and Shay in particular, were an absolute godsend.  Shay was endlessly patient and helpful, always available, and never failed to calm me down even though I’m sure I was a very high-maintenance client! She went the extra mile more than once and made the whole process infinitely easier for both me and Sylvia.  And even months afterward, when Sylvia’s favorite toy, a catnip fish that was a travel present from Happy Tails, was on its last legs (fins?), they generously sent replacements all the way to England.  I cannot recommend Happy Tails highly enough or adequately express my thanks to them for bringing my girl and me back together.

 Tina Kover

Lakeland, CO to New Castle, Borders UK


Hello Happy Tails Travel!

Basil is settling in, it's a slow process as everything is new, but he is home safe and sound. Here is a picture of his first foray out of the carrier. Thank you very much!

Dropping him at the airport went very smoothly. I really appreciated all your help with his move. I know the flight and drop off would not have gone so well without it..

Columbus OH to Albuquerque NM


The dogs are settling into their new home very well. I think they were overwhelmed by the long flight but they are no worse for wear.Thank you to you and your team for all the help you provided. You really did make shipping our fur babies easy.

Here is a picture of them settling in with their new “pack” – 2 mini beagles and a beagle basset hound mix. Thanks again! I will recommend you and your company to anyone who needs to ship their animals!

Bubby & Roxanne from Seattle, WA to Dallas, TX


Sweden, the hardest country in the world to transport an animal to with inconvenient regulations, demanding rules and rigid protocols yet you made it happen! Thanks for your hard work and diligence on this very difficult move. You made our life so much brighter now that Bijou is with us.

Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff
Oregon, USA to Sweden

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Happy Tails Travel was extremely accommodating to my time-sensitive move to Singapore. Their agents were always available and had great communication throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with them to ship Brutus halfway across the world! They answered all my questions promptly and Brutus arrived in Singapore safely and happily. 

Joanne Ho
New York City, NY to Singapore


I recently shipped my cat from California to Germany, where I relocated to. Happy Tails Travel was the best choice I could have made to get my beloved cat safe and sound and well taken care off from here to there. Kat and Shay were on top of the whole endeavor and incredibly helpful, efficient, kind, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Their constant and correct(!!) flow of information towards me and their GREAT skills of logistics made my cat's move a breeze. I HIGHLY recommend HAPPY TAILS TRAVEL pet relocation services to anyone. These guys are AMAZING!

Andrea Moberg
Los Angeles, CA to Frankfurt, Germany


Everything went swimmingly with the pick up. We are happy as a couple of clams!  She's eating well.  She's all over me.  She does her morning sprints back and forth.  She's been playing fetch with her bottle caps every night. It's like no time has passed.  She's the same ol' loving Petunia, my furry, four-legged, feline friend.  

Thank you for taking such good care of her!  The professionalism allayed my fears.  But, the personal touch let me know my little girl wasn't just another crate on a cargo plane. She came to me healthy and happy.  I will be recommending your service without reservation to anyone who will listen.  

Yours Truly,
Brigitte Andrée
New York City NY to Phoenix, AZ


Happy Tails travel helped make sense of the steps needed to relocate our puppy, JoJo, to Italy with us. By providing us with timelines, precise instructions, and calling to make sure we understand all of the details involved in the veterinary visits, we were able to feel significantly more comfortable with the entire process. Happy Trail's agency contacts in Italy were also a pleasure to work with and made sure JoJo was well taken care of until we arrived in Italy.

Amanda & Joseph Kleeman
Chicago, IL to Rome, Italy


Dear Bridget ,

Thanks to you and Shay for your amazing service and care with regard to my Shetland Sheepdog Sammie. You kept me in the loop, sent me a video of her in transit, and made me feel a lot better about the trip even after a weather delay that prolonged the trip.

Thanks for everything!

Kimberlee and Jon Andrews
San Diego, CA to Nashville, TN


Happy Tails Staff, Thank you for all of your help!! My mom said everything went well at the airport and thought the airline did a really good job. She was pleased and felt like Daisy was in good hands.We appreciate your help & it was great working with you.

Sarah, Adam & Daisy
Addison, IL to Seattle, WA