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We have just added a new cartoon video on our YouTube channel! Our latest video discusses Pet Travel to and from Hawaii. The video explains why travel to Hawaii is the most difficult pet relocation in the United States and will teach you about what is needed to get your pets to Hawaii.

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Adopt Don’t Shop! - Adopting a Pet from Out of State

By: Bridget Monrad, R.N. | Jun 29, 2016

While it certainly may be easier to rescue a pet from a local shelter, the internet makes it very easy to check out shelters around the world. And sometimes, you may just find that perfect pet! But wait, how are you supposed to get your dream furry family member when they are hundreds, or even, thousands of miles away?!  Not everyone has the time, or means, to fly out to the location where the adoptable pet is and bring them home on their own, that is why Happy Tails Travel is here to help!

We will work with you and the local shelter on making sure your new furry family member has everything they need for their journey to their new home! This includes making sure the pet is up to date on all vaccinations, booking the flight, and getting them the correct travel crate.  Sometimes pets must visit a vet outside of the shelter, and should this need arise, Happy Tails Travel can even arrange transportation to get your pet where they need to go, before their travel date.  Many other organizations say that you need a rescue organization where the pet is located, and where you are located; not with us! We are able to take care of all aspects of the adoption and travel from start to finish.

Some shelters have deadlines on when a pet must be adopted by.  Worried about the time frame? Happy Tails Travel can plan domestic pet relocation in as little as two days!

If you are interested in rescuing a pet from out of state, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. If you already have pets, most shelters request that your current pets meet your new addition before the adoption may be finalized.This may cause some strain on out of state adoptions, but is in place to make sure everyone gets along at home.
  2. Our company specializes in air transportation, as this is often the shortest travel time and less stressful on pets. However, air travel for pets can have negative connotations so some shelters are reluctant to adopt pets to owners out of state.In these cases, we can work with the shelter assuring them that we have the best interest of the pet and its safety in mind.Please let the shelter know of your situation and the possible travel arrangements at the beginning to avoid any heartbreak later on in the process.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, do not rule one out simply because it is not close to you! At Happy Tails Travel we love bringing families together from all over the world.  Contact us at www.HappyTailsTravel.com if you have any more questions or concerns regarding out of state adoptions. Your pets comfort and safety is our number one priority!