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We are excited to launch our new live chat feature on our website! Have questions about our services? Wondering what the best method of transport is for your pet? Simply click the tab on the bottom right-hand side of our webpage to message us!

Responses will be received as quickly as possible during business hours (7 am - 4 pm MST Mon - Fri). After hours, the chat feature will leave us a message and we will respond the next working day.

Featured Testimonial

"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding services provided by Happy Tails Travel during the transportation of our beloved Sparky to his new home.

From our initial contact with Happy Tails Travel, Lizzie, our Pet Travel Specialist, demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication. Lizzie's expertise and commitment were evident throughout the entire process, providing us with the confidence that Sparky was in the best possible hands. Her attention to detail, clear communication, and genuine care for animals made the entire experience seamless and stress-free."

Make sure to read the rest of Sparky's testimonial and our others here!

Entertaining Dogs on Long Car Rides

By: Bridget Monrad, R.N. | May 03, 2024

Long car rides can be a blast for humans, but for our furry companions, they can be a bit of a ruff experience. Dogs, while often great travel companions, can get restless and anxious during extended periods in the car. However, with a little creativity and some preparation, our drivers can turn that potentially stressful journey into a tail-wagging adventure for your four-legged friends.

Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation to keep them engaged and happy. Send along some of your dog’s favorite toys to keep them busy! Some great ones that keep dogs occupied are Kongs, puzzle toys, lick mats, long lasting chews, snuffle mats, tug toys, and balls. Having familiar favorites also helps to keep stress levels low.

Our drivers are pros and know the best places to stop so that your dog can have a mini adventure during their transport. Your dog will get the chance to stretch their legs, sniff around, and burn off some energy. Let your driver know your dogs likes and dislikes so that we can tailor each mini adventure to their preferences.

Having a cozy, comfortable space to rest during the ride makes the time between adventures perfect for a nap. We make a cozy space for our furry passengers to curl up and take a good nap or watch the world go by through the window. Feel free to send along their bed or a favorite blanket to help your dog feel secure and relaxed during the journey.

Long car rides with your dog don't have to be a source of stress and anxiety. Let us turn your dog relocation into a fun-filled adventure that your furry friend will enjoy. If you would like to know more about the adventures our furry clients have had, visit our testimonial page or social media.