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Fall Season

We love helping pets have a smooth move and want to help you too!

At this time, generic e-mail inquiries and replies to Pet Travel Form submissions are taking about 2 business days from the time they are received. Priority goes to existing clients and those traveling the soonest.

In order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and give our full attention to each client, we require at least 10 business days to accommodate domestic ground transport, and at least 15 business days to accommodate domestic air travel, from the date a signed contract is received.

We regret to inform you that all international services are currently suspended.

If you are interested in working with us, the quickest way to receive a response is to fill out our Pet Travel Form.  It will provide us with the additional details we need to see how we can best assist you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to working with you!

By Ground Safe and Sound

Advantages of Long-Distance Pet Ground Transport

  • Private Transport
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Especially helpful if pet is going from/to rural areas with limited airports
  • Large breed dogs accepted
  • Can be less expensive, especially for a multi pet family

Why Use Happy Tails Travel for Long-Distance Ground Transport

  • IPATA member since 1996
  • Quick to respond and provide free estimates
  • Greater flexibility with scheduling and travel date
  • Private dog and/or cat transport available
  • Group transport may be available, subject to existing clients and routing
  • We limit how many pets are in each vehicle
  • Ideal for rescuing pets from rural shelters
  • Optimum service for young puppies coming from breeders
  • No breed restrictions for cats or dogs
  • Employ a full-time ground transport coordinator dedicated to coordinating and tracking your pet’s journey
  • The price you pay is determined by your unique pet situation and the route
  • Provide 24-hour, one-on-one, customized pet care to each pet’s unique needs
  • Provide communication with pet owner during transport, including photos of your pet
  • Dogs walked every 3-4 hours, or as requested by owner
  • Each of our vehicles are GPS monitored from our office to keep track of the current location of our drivers and your pet at all times
  • All drivers are hired based upon upholding high standards and complying with quality checks
  • Our drivers have the flexibility to drive as long as they feel comfortable doing so each day, but we require them to stay in pet friendly hotels overnight
  • Health certificates are not required for all transports, but may be requested depending on your pet's unique situation
  • We have a transparent one-page contract - No fine print and everything is included
  • Accredited A+ Member of the BBB
  • Meet our Driving Team
  • Read our Testimonials and Reviews

See What Our Customers Are Saying


I could not have been more pleased and impressed by my experience with Happy Tails Travel to get my new puppy from her breeder into my arms. I live in New York City but my breeder lives in Kentucky. Because of the many travel restrictions due to COVID, there were no non-stop flights between us, and I did not feel comfortable putting the pup on a connecting flight.

When I started looking into ground transportation, my first stop was to look through the directory on International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). My vet made it clear that the most legitimate and safest companies would be listed there. I reached out to a handful of companies, and Happy Tails not only got back to me first, but they did so with a clear price and detailed policies as well as flexibility on timing. They also reassured me that all COVID-related precautions would be taken with the transportation.

Elaine at Happy Tails was indispensable as she worked tirelessly to arrange the transport within less than a week from when I first contacted the company. I was so grateful! As soon as the driver, Marko, was assigned, the communication was perfectly coordinated between everyone (Elaine, Marko, the breeder, me). Marko called two days before the trip to tell me his planned route and discuss things like feeding and potty breaks. Elaine called me the night before to answer any lingering questions. I felt tremendously well taken care of the entire time, and the absolute same was true for my pup.

Throughout her drive from KY to NY, I received frequent updates (including GPS location and pictures) from Marko, and the pup arrived fed, pottied, and in good spirits! I did not think such a long ground journey on such short notice would be possible, let alone such a seamless and safe experience. I would absolutely use Happy Tails again -- without any hesitation!

Mimi S. & Bleecker
Olympia, KY - New York, NY